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15 Reasons Your Brain Craves Pizza

Pizza is one of those foods that everyone can relate to. There are very few people in this world who truly despise it. At some point or another, you’ve probably even craved pizza and ate a slice (or a whole pie) in order to satisfy that craving. But what is it about pizza that makes us crave it so? Here are 15 reasons why your brain will often shout, “Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!” until you’ve satisfied the urge.

1. There is a pizza for every one of your moods


Meaty, cheesy, veggie, and even the newer more unusual flavors can fulfill your every pizza desire instantaneously.

2. It comes in a ton of styles


From thin crust to Chicago deep dish, there are many ways to craft that crust to deliver the cheesy goods to your lips.

3. It satisfies that carb craving


Some days, nothing will turn your frown upside down quite like pizza. Carbs covered in sauce, cheese, and toppings are an absolute mood elevator.

4. It has cheese


Cheese has magical powers. In fact, cheese has been shown to have addictive qualities which might be one of the leading reasons why pizza is always on our minds.

5. It has it all


Really, what food can claim that? With pizza, you have dough in your choice of form (thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust, etc.), topped with rich tomato sauce, and any toppings you desire.

6. It’s a hand-held meal


No time to sit and eat? Fold up a slice of pizza and keep walking. It’s highly portable, making it a fantastic choice when you’re on the go.

7. Pizza is an appropriate snack food


Hungry between meals? A slice of pizza is the perfect solution!

8. It fulfills our social needs

Plats Pizza Nostra

Pizza is the perfect food to gather around. Whether it’s with family or friends, pizza really unites us all.

9. It is the ultimate comfort food


Had a bad day? Going through a breakup? Whatever ails you, pizza will cheer you right up.

10. It can come to you


There are days when you just don’t feel like lifting a finger. For those days, we have pizza delivery. Ok, so maybe you’ll lift a finger, but it’s only to dial your local pizza place or tap your screen for online delivery.

11. There’s no such thing as bad pizza


Have you ever had a really bad pizza? Maybe some were better than others, but pizza can always be counted on to taste good.

12. Temperature doesn’t matter


Pizza is enjoyable whether it’s hot or cold outside. Or whether the pizza is hot or cold itself. It always ranks high on the list of foods everyone wants to eat.

13. You can make someone happy with it


You can never, ever enter a room with a pizza and have the people in that room be unhappy to see you. Pizza makes everyone feel better.

14. It’s considered a meal in itself


With the bread, sauce, and toppings, pizza is a meal all on its own!

15. Pizza is everything


Any way you slice it, any way you top it and any way you serve it, pizza is the king of foods and will rule over all food-kind forever.



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