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Some Of The Best Gluten Free Alternatives

Gluten intolerance is incredibly common. Millions of people around the world suffer from an aversion to gluten – a protein found in wheats, rye, barley and other grasses. There are many layers of gluten intolerance. The most extreme is celiac disease – an autoimmune reaction that causes your body to trigger immunochemical excretions into your small intestine. A less extreme intolerance – known as gluten sensitivity- is on the rise in industrialized nations. By 2014, an estimated 3 million people in the United States alone claimed to have this sensitivity to gluten. There is disagreement in the endocrinological research community about what is causing this sensitivity. Some researchers believe that patients have a non celiac auto immune disorder, whilst others blame the kind of carbohydrates present in foodstuffs that also contain gluten

Testing Your Intolerance 

Because of the huge rise in cases of gluten intolerance in industrialized countries, two industries have sprung up and flourished of late. The first is the private intolerance testing industry. Companies such as Intolerance Lab offer all in one intolerance tests that claim to be able to single out gluten intolerances – allowing patients to alter their diets. The second industry flourishing in the wake of the gluten intolerance wave is the specialist food industry. Production of gluten free alternative foodstuffs and drinks allows people to avoid gluten whilst not giving up any of the culinary pleasures that make life so great. Here are some of the best gluten free alternatives on the market today.  

Beer – Magic Rock Brewery – Saucery 

According to Marverine Cole – a beer sommelier writing for BBC Good Food – the Saucery IPA from Huddersfield based Magic Rock Brewery is the finest gluten free beer on the market in the UK right now. 

Magic Rock are known for brewing zesty, distinctive ales, and this light gluten free bevvy really hits the spot in that manner. Cole praised the ‘papaya notes’ of the beer, and suggested that it could pair well with savory, unspiced foods. 

Bread – Bfree – Brown Seeded Sandwich Bread

As you can imagine, making a good bread without wheat is a tricky prospect. The Bfree baking company have achieved just that with their seeded sandwich loaf. This gluten free multigrain bread uses sunflower seeds and golden linseeds to emulate the texture of grains. It contains a decent amount of fiber and protein too – both things that are hard to accumulate as a gluten intolerant person. 

Noodles – All Rice Noodles

Missing a great portion of energy containing carbohydrates with your gluten free meal? Luckily, all kinds of rice noodles are completely gluten free. Getting some good quality Japanese soba noodles for the pantry can make cooking soups and stir fries easy as a gluten intolerant person. 

Rice noodles originated in China, but have since spread into the traditional cuisines of Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia. The variety is startling, as is the many different ways in which they can be prepared. With such a huge world of recipes to explore using rice noodles, you certainly won’t feel like you are missing out. 

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