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5 Alcohol-Based Desserts to Try for a Special Occasion

Whether you are having a birthday party, wedding, or perhaps an anniversary, you of course want to make it as special as possible. To do so, it is always great to have some delicious desserts. But if you’re wanting to try something new this year for your adult friends and family, having some alcohol-based desserts at your gathering can put a whole new twist on dessert. If you’re ready to give this a try, here are five of the best alcohol-based desserts that are sure to be big hits with everyone.

Brown Butter Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies

If there is one type of dessert that is always popular with everyone, it’s chocolate chip cookies. To give your guests an extra-special treat for their taste buds, have some brown butter bourbon chocolate chip cookies on hand for folks to try. Once they bite into one cookie, they won’t want to stop. The main difference between these and other chocolate chip cookies is that the browned butter will have a nutty flavor that compliments the smooth, vanilla taste of the bourbon in the cookies.

Sangria Cupcakes

Next to chocolate chip cookies, there’s nothing like a great cupcake. If you want to add some zing to these all-time favorite desserts, make some sangria cupcakes for your next get-together. With the cupcakes themselves having sangria as a main ingredient, your guests will love them when combined with Real McCoy spirits or other drinks. As an added bonus, top off the cupcakes with some strawberries and lime, and also add some strawberry icing. You can serve mini cupcakes in a sangria glass for a themed presentation for your friends and family.

Boozy Coconut Hot Fudge Milkshakes

On a hot summer day, who doesn’t love a cool milkshake? If you and your guests do, try some boozy coconut hot fudge milkshakes. What’s great about these milkshakes is that you can use almost any type of alcoholic beverage you like, be it bourbon, rum, or whiskey. Whatever your choice, adding in the coconut, chocolate fudge, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream makes this an outstanding dessert. If you aren’t able to drink your milkshake in one go, you can put it in the freezer and the alcohol will prevent it from getting too hard, making it a great dessert to pick up and finish later.

Guinness Doughnuts with Irish Cream Glaze

If you enjoy beer and doughnuts, combine the two by having Guinness doughnuts with Irish cream glaze. Offering a different spin on traditional doughnuts, you and your guests will go through a dozen or so of these desserts in very short order. If glazed doughnuts aren’t quite your thing, you can make doughnuts to fill with an Irish cream filling and dust with sugar. Either option is perfect for a combination of doughnuts and booze.

Moonshine Cherry Cheesecake Bites

Finally, who can resist a piece of cheesecake? By using a traditional cheesecake mix and combining it with maraschino cherries that have been soaked overnight in a moonshine cocktail, your guests will be popping one of these after another into their mouths. The nice thing about these cheesecakes is that the alcohol is not overwhelming, but adds a nice kick for anyone who wants to try them.

If you like to bake desserts for any occasion and want to find a way to combine them with your favorite alcoholic beverage, try your hand at making one of these desserts. Whether you attempt to make one of them or all of the above, your gathering will go down as one of the best your guests have ever attended.

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