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Amy’s Drive Thru: Changing the Game for Vegans on the Go

Classic fast-food chains continue to thrive, but Amy’s Drive-Thru is shaking things up. Their California drive-thrus dish out juicy veggie burgers, natural shakes, and more – all organic, non-GMO, and easily made vegan. For vegetarians on the move, it’s a game changer.

The drive-thru concept was decades in the making. As Andy Berliner shares, “For many years, our consumers have been saying…‘Why can’t you guys open a drive-thru?’” In 2015, Amy’s answered the call, putting their signature spin on speedy eats.

President Paul Schiefer notes they’ve favored steady growth over rapid expansion. Their patience has paid off – Amy’s original drive-thru quickly became a hit, outperforming other quick-service spots. New eco-conscious locations, like June’s Thousand Oaks opening, continue to pop up.

Co-founder Rachel Berliner says Amy’s Drive-Thru was an experiment initially. By sticking to their principles and having fun with design, they’ve struck gold. Now social media is buzzing about the drive-thrus.While transitioning to fast food was an undertaking, the Berliners have elevated the category for health-minded eaters. As Andy Berliner confirms, “It takes a lot of work.” But Amy’s nutritious fast menu options prove good food can also be fast.

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