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Different Single-Serve Coffee Machine Options: Four Options That Brew Quality Coffee

Ever feel you need a fresh cup of coffee to get through the day? You’re not alone. Some people can’t function without coffee, especially when it’s iced. There are many ways to get that caffeine fix, but today we’ll discuss different single-serve coffee machine options.

The article covers all the important questions you need to know about the machines: the machine type, how it works, and its pros/cons. Then we’ll finish with a few helpful tips on who it is best for so you can select the right machine for your needs.

These machines can be confusing, so we’ve devoted this article to them. We’ll get into all the details about the best single-serve coffee makers you can buy today.


Nespresso is the original single-serve coffee machine and has been around since 1986, created by Swiss inventor Eric Favre. The machines are small, compact, easy to use, clean, and stylish. 

Nespresso’s patented Centrifusion system spins the pod to brew coffee and create a layer of crema on top. It creates a balanced and aromatic drink that is superior to any other beverage made from an ordinary coffee maker (based on our opinion).

How It Works

Nespresso machines only use Nespresso coffee capsules. The capsules come in many blends and flavors. You can easily find them at any of their retail stores or online. 

The machine has a built-in coffee capsule storage drawer that you open to insert one or two capsules. It then uses this information to automatically set the amount of water needed, its strength, and the duration of time it needs to brew. 

The single-serve machine can make small cups (35 ml) or larger cups (110 ml). It also has an automatic cleaning cycle with each drink, so you don’t have to waste time cleaning after every cup you make.


Nespresso’s patented coffee capsules ensure the machine brews a superior drink.

The machines are very easy to use because they use technology to set the amount of water, strength, and brew time. All you have to do is insert a capsule and press a button.


The only downside to the machines is the price — their most basic models can cost over a hundred dollars for one machine.

Who Is It Best For?

The Nespresso machine is best for a small household or office that needs only one machine to make coffee. They’re also great for busy people who don’t have time to set options for a machine every time they use it.


Keurig is a coffee company founded in 1992 by three entrepreneurs and one engineer seeking to create a new way to brew one cup at a time. The company makes a variety of coffee makers that brew K-Cups, which are small cups used to make coffee that fit into the machine. 

How It Works

Keurig K-Cup machines have three main parts: the water container, brewer, and display screen. The water container is where you place your water or Keurig Brewed Water, which is just pre-filtered water for your machine. The brewer holds the ground coffee and water, and the machine uses a sensor to control both. 

The display screen shows you how many cups of coffee you have made, how much time it has left before the brew finishes, and the strength of your drink. The machine then pushes the coffee pods into the brewer, which contains 25 K-Cup pods for single-serve use. Each pod has anywhere from 10 to 12 doses in it. 


Keurig machines are ideal for busy people who don’t have time to clean a machine every time they use it.

The machines are also attractive because they look like a cup of coffee maker and take up tiny space. You can even store them away in your cabinets or an office pantry or break room.


The only downside to this machine is because they use K-Cups, you have to purchase Keurig Brewed Water (you buy the water separately).

Who Is It Best For?

Keurig machines are best for people who like to drink single-serve coffee. They’re also great for small offices with few employees because there aren’t many K-Cups that can fit in the machine, so there’s less waste.

Dolce Gusto

Dolce Gusto is similar to other machines because it uses pods, which are small bags of ground coffee. Dolce Gusto is similar to Nespresso in that they are both owned by Nestle, although Dolce Gusto is meant for larger cups of coffee. The machine has a display screen similar to Keurig’s, but you can also see the current amount of coffee left in the machine, its strength, and how many brewing cycles it has left.

How It Works

Dolce Gusto machines have a built-in water filter that makes all cups taste outstanding compared to any other brand of coffee pods. When you put ground coffee into the machine and press one button for a brew, your drink will look like it came from a small café in Italy (Dolce comes from the Italian word meaning sweet).

A Dolce Gusto machine has three parts: the water reservoir, tank, and Brew Control Panel. The water reservoir is where you place your water. 

The tank holds it until you brew, and then there’s a digital display that shows you how much time it has left before your drink is ready, as well as other useful information, including what kind of drink you made and its strength (stronger drinks will make a bolder display).


The machines are very easy to use because they use technology to set the amount of water, strength, and brew time.

Their advanced water filtration system ensures that every cup of coffee tastes great. The pods come in various blends and flavors, including espressos, lattes, Americanos, hot chocolates, and more — about 40 different flavors.


Because of the way the machine brews and the pods come in only one size (6 ounces), you’ll have to make a lot of coffee to fill up your cup. The pods also cost about $.50 each, which adds up if you’re making more than one cup in a row.

Who Is It Best For?

Dolce Gusto machines are best for people who want to experiment with different flavors of coffee or want to give their friends a variety. 


The Aeropress is a coffee maker that uses paper filters to brew coffee using ground beans. It soaks the filter in hot water for a few minutes and then places it over the grounds, where it releases specially brewed coffee. Because the machine uses filters made from paper, there is no cleanup — you just throw out whatever filter that specific cup used.

How It Works

The Aeropress comprises a cone-shaped cap with a small threaded hole in the center and a metal filter holder that fits into it. 

You screw the cap and filter holder together, fill the cap with water and place it on top of your mug. Then you add your coffee grounds to the filter and screw on the top, tightening it as much as possible. Place the Aeropress on a firm surface, and you’re ready to push down for a rich, flavorful brew that is comparable to a French press.


The Aeropress is inexpensive, easy to use, and requires no special equipment or tools. Because of its simplicity, a novice like you can use one and brew amazing coffee.


Since there are no filters to clean or replace, the Aeropress only uses hot water — although the machine has an indicator that tells you when to refill it. It’s also possible that you could use too much water and end up pushing all of your grounds out of the filter into your cup.

Who Is It Best For?

The Aeropress is a superb choice for the espresso lover because it makes a great-tasting cup of coffee. It’s also perfect for a beginner who doesn’t want to spend money on an expensive machine.

Wrap Up

If you’re interested in making coffee like a barista, have the convenience of your favorite diner, or have had enough of that terrible instant coffee, there’s no better way to buy yourself a coffee maker. 

The machines reviewed here will allow you to enjoy the taste of coffee shop coffee in your own home or office and make it in any blend you want. Plus, they remove all the hard work by giving you an easy cup any time of day.

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