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How to Ensure That Your Coffee Is Always Fresh

We can probably all agree that coffee is best enjoyed fresh and full of its rich, original flavor. Perhaps you are a real coffee fanatic, and you enjoy trying beans from all around the world and exploring its abundance of qualities. In this case, you’ll want to be extra careful that you can preserve that original flavor to prevent it from tasting like any other supermarket coffee brand. Here are some top tips for preventing coffee from losing its freshness so that it can continue to stimulate all of your senses.

Buy the Right Amount for You

If you don’t want all of your coffee to lose its freshness just a week after you’ve bought it, then one solution is to only buy as much as you need for a week or two. This way you can open and use your coffee quick enough to enjoy at its freshest every time you make yourself a cup. You’ll need to organize yourself better if this sounds like something you would like to try, since you’ll need to buy it more regularly to keep up with your daily habits. To help you with this, you might be able to find an online coffee company that delivers fresh artisan coffee to your door on a weekly basis, or you can simply add a reminder on your phone to let you know when it’s time to go out and get more coffee.

Make Sure Your Coffee Is Airtight

It’s all well and good ensuring that you buy your coffee littler and often; however, if it isn’t sealed correctly, it won’t even last a day after it has been opened. This is because coffee begins to lose its freshness as soon as the beans have been roasted and even more so if the beans have been pre-ground. First of all, make sure that the coffee arrives in an airtight packaging such as these PKG Lab flexible bags to have a fighting chance of protecting the coffee’s freshness. 

Then, once you open the bag, ensure that you re-seal it straight away if it has a zip-lock system or decant into an airtight vessel. When you chose a vessel for your coffee, make sure that it isn’t clear glass or plastic that allows light to seep through and compromise the freshness of your beans. Better still, ensure that your coffee is stored in a cool and dark place to keep it at its optimum flavor.

Freeze Your Coffee?

If you’re used to freezing fresh foods then you should be aware that you can do the same to preserve the freshness of your coffee. When you do this, be sure to pack your coffee into an airtight container and don’t neglect it for too long as it can suffer from freezer burn when left longer than a month. 

Hopefully, you have discovered some new ideas on how to preserve your coffee to continue enjoying it at its freshest and optimum flavor for longer. Now you can get back to your precious cup of coffee and continue with the rest of the day, knowing that there will be another fresh cup waiting for you tomorrow.

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