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Easy and Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work

According to recent statistics, eating out is 5 times more expensive than cooking at home.

Whether you’re trying to save money or eat better, it makes sense to prepare your own meals more often.

Preparing a healthy lunch for work is easier than you think. You just need ideas. Here are a few of our favorite ones.

Vegetable and meat filled sandwiches

One thing is for sure, you deserve a tempting meal during work rather than just a monotonous salad everyday. It also gives you something to look forward to and gets you through the other half of the day.

A simple and easy to make sandwich is an incredibly satisfying lunch. You can load these stacks according to your mood.

Look for healthy vegetables, dripping cheese, minced meat and other dressings or sauces. These are a few sandwich recipes if you want to try at home.

Pasta salads

Don’t want to spend hours preparing for your office meal? Then this is probably the best lunch idea you can get.

Pasta salads are delicious and healthy and you can prepare them within minutes without spending much time in the kitchen. You can choose its contents and seasonings according to your taste. Here are some pasta recipes for you.


Soups provide a simple and enjoyable way to take in a good amount of healthy nutrients in your body. Therefore, it is probably one of the best options for lunch.

It is not that difficult to carry (as opposed to general claim) and you can take it with you in office by putting it in a small air-tight container. Considering how refreshing and nutritious it is, even if there is a little trouble, it’s all worth it!

Learn about health benefits and a few recipes of some home-made soups here. 

Rice Bowls

It is a common ingredient available in almost every kitchen and you can get great delicious and nutritious meal ideas with rice as a base in them.

Rice are cooked in a variety of ways, from simple chinese egg and vegetable fried rice to a spicy maxican style, you can also make sweet dishes and soups out of it. Rice, therefore, can never be a boring choice for lunch. (at least for the people who are fond of it).

You must check out these healthy lunchbox recipes if you’re looking for more healthy  rice bowl ideas.

Beans and legumes

If you struggle to pick out lunch options that are vegetable-friendly and fully satisfying for your appetite, just think beans and legumes.

Roasted or marinated beans mixed with veggies, cheese, meat and other side dishes are an excellent source of nutrients and fibre. Sometimes the preparation seems like a doable job but mostly it is preferred to make bigger batch for multiple servings. Here are 9 Ways to Turn a Pot of Beans into Lunch for the Week.

Bon appetit!

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