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Fantastic Organic Ice Cream Recipes

Organic ice cream is made with ingredients that are not treated with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides as well as USDA certified organic milk. Preferably, the milk used should be from livestock that gets at least 30% of their diet from pasture.

You can tell if ice cream is organic if it has the term ‘organic’ next to each ingredient listed on the label except for salt and water. With that said, how much do you know about organic ice cream? In this article, we delve into the world of organic ice cream and recipes you need to know about it.

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Is Organic Ice Cream Better?

When it comes to comparing organic and regular ice cream, there is sufficient evidence to show that it is much better. It is not only healthier; it also helps in maintaining healthy production and business practices and the environment.

For starters, organic ice cream has to meet several standards to be termed as organic. The milk and the cream must come from organic livestock that is not treated with antibiotics, receive ample pasture time, at least 120 days in a year, and are not on steroids.

Moreover, the additives used must be organic right from the sugar used to the emulsifiers and stabilizers. This goes a long way in helping you maintain a healthy body and avoid lifestyle and age-related diseases.

Organic Ice Cream Recipes

Other than picking a tub of organic ice cream from the supermarket, there are more ways of consuming organic ice cream. This includes appetizers, desserts, and more. Here are some of the best organic ice cream recipes you can try at home:

Basic Vanilla Ice Cream

This is an easy recipe that takes 5 minutes for preparation, 1 hour, and 20 minutes of cook time, and it will yield six servings. The ingredients are:


Gumdrop Confetti Ice Cream

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The resulting ice cream from this recipe is easy on the eyes and full of flavor. It takes approximately 5 minutes of preparation time and can be ready in 85 minutes. Here are the ingredients:


Creamy Frozen Yoghurt

Combining yogurt and ice cream makes for a healthy snack throughout the day. Here are the ingredients you need to make the creamy frozen yogurt:


This recipe will serve 6 one-cup portions.

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream




Organic ice cream is one of the sectors driving the need for healthy and organic living. When buying ice cream, ensure to check the labeling to differentiate between organic and regular ice cream. However, with the above recipes, you could also make the ice cream at home without a fuss.

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