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Healthy food habits for students struggling with dissertation writing

Dissertation is the most important research project that you’ll need to work on as a student. Composing this complex paper takes a lot of time and energy, therefore, healthy nutrition is necessary to stimulate your brain function, improve memory and physical well-being. Below, we have collected the best healthy nutrition habits for busy students. You can start incorporating them in your daily routine tomorrow to manage with exams and dissertation writing more effectively.

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6 great food habits during dissertation writing

Never skip a breakfast

If you are hungry in the morning, you won’t be able to focus on writing or during the lecture, moreover, your memory will suffer. While it may be tempting to sleep a bit longer, overcome the temptation and make time for at least a quick snack. Try a toast with avocado and egg, a fresh salad, or a smoothie – they are rich in nutrients and will help you stay energized.

Limit the food with added sugar

Food rich in sugar gives you an immediate boost of energy. Yet, after a while, you’ll feel even more exhausted and sleepy. While many students eat on the go and it may be challenging to avoid such foods whatsoever, try to limit sodas, candy, doughnuts, pastries, etc. Instead, eat more sweet fruit and natural sweets, such as dried fruit, yoghurt, nuts, dark chocolate and vegan candies.

Keep healthy snacks at hand

During long study sessions you’ll inevitably feel hungry. And, if you don’t have healthy snacks with you, you are likely to end up buying a chocolate bar, soda or coffee from a vending machine. So, it’s best to have nutritive snacks at hand so when you get hungry you won’t need to interrupt the writing session. The best snacks for students include mixed nuts, Greek yoghurt, kale chips and dark chocolate. Healthy snacks will help you beat hunger for much longer while providing you with healthy nutrients that boost productivity.

Limit the consumption of fast food

Students love fast food because it’s relatively cheap, easy to eat on the go, and helps you feel full. On the flip side, burgers and fries are full of empty calories and harmful elements which damages your health in the long run. If you cannot avoid fast food, order portions of regular size and stay on healthier options in the menu, for example, green salad, vegetable slices or seafood, and have a tea or juice instead of soda.

Eat more fish, vegetable and fruit

As you limit the consumption of fast food, replace them with healthy meals rich in vitamins and nutrients. It’s recommended that you eat more fish as it contains omega-3 acids that improve your health and brain functions. Eat more fruit and vegetables, as they contain fiber that helps you control weight, feel better, and fosters digestion. Moreover, they contain antioxidants and thus reduce risks of developing multiple heart and inflammation diseases.

Drink plenty of water

Nutritionists recommend that you drink around 8 glasses of water per day. You can carry a bottle of water with you to lectures and to library so that you could take a sip anytime and stay hydrated throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water helps you make decisions faster and also affects your cognitive functions positively, which is important when you work on such challenging project as dissertation. Adjusting your eating habits and consuming healthier food can help you becoming a better student and keep you less stressed while writing a dissertation.

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