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Here’s Why You’d Better Start Taking Liquid Iron Supplements Now

While every cell in your body has a little iron in it, it’s your red blood cells that carry the most of it. Your body needs iron for energy and to help with nerve impulses which is why you need to eat the right foods. In most cases, this should be enough iron for your body’s optimum function.

However, there are a few health conditions that could require you to supplement with iron to ensure your body is getting enough of it. For these reasons, taking the best liquid iron supplement will help you balance your health.

So which conditions and situations require the best liquid iron supplement?

– Anemia

When you don’t have enough iron stored in your red blood cells, it can cause iron deficiency anemia. You’ll need to balance it out so your red blood cells can give your cells and tissues enough oxygen. If you feel weak, dizzy, fatigued, or have difficulty concentrating, it might be worth a trip to the doctor to get tested and correct your iron deficiency.

– Pregnancy

Pregnant women are especially vulnerable to iron deficiencies. With the best liquid iron supplement, you can correct that balance. Women usually need 15 to 18 milligrams of iron per day but during pregnancy, that requirement is 27 milligrams a day. It’s not advisable to just take more of a one-in-all prenatal vitamin as you’ll wind up taking dangerous amounts of other vitamins.

Also, according to this experienced dentist in Tarzana, pregnant women are more susceptible to dental issues so taking iron supplements is essential.

– Menstruation

It’s not enough that you have to watch your iron intake while pregnant. Even when you’re not pregnant, menstruation can cause you to deplete your iron stores. If you take the best liquid iron supplement, you can always keep your iron stores plentiful.

– Regular blood loss

Whether you have a condition that causes regular bleeding, like gastrointestinal bleeding, or you’re simply a generous soul that regularly donates blood, you can run low on iron. Always talk to your doctor about your iron levels and keep them in check. Using an iron supplement can bring balance where you are lacking.

– Kidney Troubles

If you have health problems related to your kidneys and need dialysis, you will need more iron. Kidneys create a hormone called erythropoietin which encourages the creation of red blood cells. Generally, anemia is a side effect of improper kidney function. Blood loss is common during dialysis as is a special diet that limits iron. The medications you may be taking to manage your condition may cause further iron depletion. It’s important to get those iron levels healthy and iron supplements are the ideal way to do that.

– Medications That Deplete Iron

You might be taking certain medications to manage other conditions. But be aware that those medication might be depleting your iron stores. Common medications that are notorious for this side effect are a group of antibiotics known as quinolones, heartburn and ulcer medicines, ACE inhibitors to treat high blood pressure, and cholesterol lowering medicines. Make sure you address your concerns with your doctor and look for the best liquid iron supplement to help get balanced.


Studies have found that a lack of proper iron stores was associated with ADHD as well as ferritin. Ferritin keeps iron stored in cells to use later. Without either of these, it causes even more health problems.

How Much is Enough Iron?

Your age, gender, and your current health condition are all variables when it comes to getting enough iron. Women’s needs for iron increase more with age and more during their periods. Men need half the amount of iron that women need.

It’s best to take iron supplements when your stomach is empty so it can absorb more though it should be noted that taking it with a vitamin C drink will really help the absorption. Plus, with the best liquid iron supplements, you can mix it into your drink for a tasty way to be healthier.

Are You Deficient in Iron?

Some of the most obvious signs of being iron deficient are when you look sallow, feel fatigued, or have trouble doing simple exercises. You might also have shortness of breath, a speedy heartbeat, have cold hands or feet, and crave eating dirt. Hair loss, brittle nails, sores in the corner s of your mouth, and a sore tongue are other clues you need to get more iron.

If you’re not feeling like yourself, get a checkup. It’s very likely that you’re iron deficient. But if you have other conditions, it’s important to manage them too. Also, if you’re on other medications, you’ll want to find out if they’re causing problems for your iron stores. You can easily add balance by using the best liquid iron supplement. It’s easy to add into your daily diet.

Keep in mind that too much iron is too much of a good thing. Make sure you’re taking the right amount for your needs. You can’t make up for lost iron by taking more than the requirement for the day. By getting what you need over time through the best liquid iron supplements, you’ll be on your way to better health and balance.

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