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How To Get A Lean Body

As diversity grows between exercises, it is clear how many people appreciate the lean, ripped body types. Perhaps it is the dire urge to have that perfect summer body at the beach. Or it is to have improved mobility and balance, but a lean body is what the hype is all about.

So without further ado, let’s get straight into how you can maximize your muscle mass while keeping the fat at the lowest.

Run Forest, Run!

It is intriguing how some of the most basic exercises give us the most benefits. Cardio is by far the most beneficial, and yet the most underrated type of training. You admire the body types of athletes and boxers, but you turn a blind eye to how much cardio they do.

Over 60% of the training routine of an athlete involves cardio. But to settle the doubts at the start, cardio does not weaken your upper body. The reason why some people may assume it does is because of the shrinking of mass.

It is not rocket science; more cardio means more sweat, which means more fat burn. So if you see your upper body shrinking quickly, chances are it might be the additional layer of fats. And that is a good thing, to begin with.

Incorporate cardio with your regular training routine by either giving it time before or after the workout. However, you can manage the best because the results will be more or less the same. But you must pay close attention to cardio!

Armies March On Their Bellies

I can’t find a reference more accurate to get a good lean body than this one. Or perhaps, muscles are trained at the gym but built in the kitchen.

With that said, you should always ensure that you get an adequate amount of lean protein to get a slim body. You work your muscles out at the gym, and they need energy from food to recover, simple as that.

Now what plays in a role here is the type of food that you eat. Eating fatty and sugary food items will slow down the fat burning process and keep you from getting that ripped body.

So it is safe to say to cut down on alcohol, juices, and sweets. And replace them with water, vegetable juice, and healthy carbs. These food items will help you get a lean body while also boosting your metabolic system. Since the ingredients in these are easy to digest, they also give you ready energy to work out more at the gym, leading to a lean body.

Have A Caloric Deficit Diet

It is not always necessary for you to want to have a lean body. You may need to cut down on body fat at times. For example, when you are preparing for a sporting event with distinguished weight-classes, or an illness that grows out of hand, you then need to cut down fast!

When you do not have enough time on your hands, going on a caloric deficit diet is helpful. Consuming lower calories than your requirement will shift your body towards the burning of stored fat for energy. Thus, making it burn much faster.

However, there are other effective ways of getting lean even quicker, like going through a cutting cycle. During a cutting cycle, you use certain SARM drugs to modulate the testosterone activity to shed fats. But the problem with this is that if you have a dope test before your sporting event, you might get into trouble. 

There is a solution for everything; many people risk using the best fake pee to bypass the tests. Though the number 1 synthetic urine is a perfect solution, some international sporting events may be able to detect unfair means with ease.

Know Body Fat From Your Weight

Many people make a mistake when trying to get a lean body is mistaking weight with body fat. You follow the perfect cutting workout and keep your diet in check, but you don’t get satisfactory results every time you check your weight.

That is because when you are working out, you are continuously developing and growing muscles. Your weight is a combined figure of muscles and fat in your body; it isn’t a discriminatory number. However, there are other easy checks that you can make to see your progress.

The easiest one in the book is when your clothes start getting loose. If you own a pair of pants or a tight shirt on you before and start to become loose, it is an evident sign of progressing towards a lean body. Even if your weight doesn’t fluctuate, you know that you are building muscle and burning fat.Though it does sound relatable, it takes a while for clothes to loosen up on you. A more accurate check is to have yourself tested for body fat percentage. By going to professional and conducting tests, you will get exact numbers. But testing once will not give you an idea about your progress, you can have these tests after a month or two to see if you are making progress.

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