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How to Start Business like Big Baskets

How to Start Business

How to Start Business

Mostly all people have a love for shopping, but when it’s time for grocery shopping we don’t like, it is the annoying thing for we guys. And also we don’t have much time in this fast world, to go to the local store for buying groceries, we can’t negate because the supermarket is essential and mostly required part of our life. So how can we get rid of this? So this is how, online ordering groceries from the best online grocery store and relaxes.

We do online shopping for clothes, food, electrics like this now we can do online shopping for grocery, and also this trouble less, save power, money and your energy, you can get the best discount, deals on week, festivals time for the online grocery websites like, Big Baskets, Grofers, Zopnow, Nature’s Baskets, Reliance Fresh, Amazon Pantry and many more.

 For the averseness of the organic farming and millets, the government of Karnataka has tied up with online platform of big baskets. And it is India’s leading supermarket that selling quality and fresh fruits and vegetables, household items, personal cares products, eggs, bread and many more. It is the place for online grocery in India. Also, you get discounts offers; cash backs coupons and central thing time to time delivery on the same day and signature packing. It’s an award-winning company, the best grocery store for consumer Internet Company of the year in 2016.

If you want to be the dominant player like Bigbasket. Then let’s start insights look of Big baskets how its builds, its business model and its work.

Hari Menon,  Vipul Parekh, AbhinayChoudhri, V S Ramesh, VS Sudhakar in the year 1999 started one online business in India and that’s name was, and in 2001 they started online grocery business as a part of Fabmart. And it started time it gives the outstanding result so that they began to the retail chain of grocery supermarket in southern- Fabmall. After that in 2006, it sold too many people and those guys changes name also, finally in 2011 Aditya Birla Group take it and started online grocery store-

The business model of big baskets

Its business model splits into two

  1. Investory led
  2. Hyper local delivery

It’s Bangalore based online Big Baskets has joined the two models, its primary aim of insurance the complete grocery supplies of customers with its marketplace business.

And some news also says that Big Basket work on inventory model. They purchase products from primary suppliers and store all this product is store in storeroom/warehouse in large scale. And serve it to customers. Also, they avoid unpreserved products because of wastage, for that, they lined or tie up with local suppliers.

While other news says that Big Basket works like the hyper local model, in this they tie up grocery stores more than 2000 across India to for the delivery in one hour from the district. Big Basket business model is dependent on its private label products, for raise to product revenue and profits.

Its team up with strong field knowledge of grocery retailing business organized with the smart use of technology. And they also offer grocery app for those customers who like to shop online through the mobile app.

Build E-commerce website

If you think to create online grocery app like Big Basket then EWDC is assisting to you, its create specially for food and grocery stores, who want to spread out their grocery business online.

Products and categories

In the market there is the variety of groceries available, there is the full range of the database of groceries brand name, many hours of legislative work can be saved. With many alternatives and qualities, in the standard grocery store have 100o plush specific SKUs. When the sale growth increase, shopping cart system should have the size to hold any number of SKUs.

You have to develop a user-friendly administrative site when you were handling your site and secure communication with the customer.

Business plan

After you develop website then you have to do business, its strategy, how you get traffic on your site, how to convince people, they online shop from you, not a local store, and mainly for that you want business expert that write your business plan and give your idea how you get fund for this business, how to register your business, what governments formality’s to open this type of activity.  This is essential no matter what business you’re starting, if you’re planning on getting into construction you’ll have to make a construction company business plan the same way if you were starting a restaurant.

Business registration

You can register your business with some entity like the private limited company, LLP, one person company, etc. Apart from the legal entity you have to require the FSSAI Registration for the same. You can also contact to myonlineca that helps you in this registration process. With the help of UdhyogAadhar and shop act license, you can register your business.

Marketing plan

After registration you have to do marketing strategy to people know your business, buying your product for that you have to do marketing, it can be online or offline, you can give add-on social media, TV, newspapers, etc.

Team of people

In this type of business, you want the team that gives delivery to customer time to time for this you can add on good job portal websites, and you also wish to vehicles for this business.

If you think does this type of business then keep this point in your mind before you start, don’t worry about business success because whatever happens in the world, economic climate, changing lifestyle or war of nations. That a fact, we can negate sure thing like grocery.

But that your work to do this all thing possible to success your business. Think each and every aspects of this business carefully above we discuss, carefully choose your grocery products suppliers, you have to take care of the storage of products and most important their expired date before you buy because if expired product delivers to customers, your business image is down, think which place you have mostly saved money to make your business profitable.

Always attract people/customers to shopping with you, not from local stores, give the positive response to customers review, what people like and want don’t love in your service, make chance according to this. If you take care of all of this, you achieved your business dream like Big Basket.

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