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How to surprise your guests with some great wedding food ideas?

An Indian wedding is one of the most extravagant celebrations in everyone’s life. It’s all about happy faces, gorgeous outfits and delicious food. Undoubtedly, the food holds the great importance and it is the main star of the event. The guests are always excited to feast on an extravagant menu of multi-cuisine delicacies. Nowadays, everything has evolved in leaps and bounds. There are various Luxury wedding venues that offer great options of catering areas blending with the spectacular setting of the décor. And if you are looking for additional decor for outdoor spaces, do check out this company London Marquee Hire.

Here are some of the trends in the Indian Wedding Catering that has caught our eyes:

  1. Live Counters

The most amazing trend that attracted all the guests is the food at live counters. It is the most innovative idea, plus it also allows the guests to feel empowered as are able to choose the ingredients as well as customize the dish as per their taste and also see it being cooked right in front of them.

  1. Molecular Gastronomy

The food experts of India who applied science to introduce some delicacies had made molecular gastronomy a noted sight in some weddings. These include foods with unique texture; shapes as well as the taste. The most popular dish amongst these is the dessert named liquid nitrogen ice cream which is being loved at the weddings.

  1. Food on Wheels

Food Trucks have already gained so much popularity and now it has also taken over the Indian Weddings. It adds a quirk to your menu, plus it looks very innovative at the venue. Even some popular banquet halls in Gurgaon have added them to make the catering area look phenomenal. 

  1. Late Night Snacks

No doubt, Indian weddings are long and tiring so now, people have gone an extra mile to add late night snacks for the guests. By the end of a wedding, the guests can be served with them along with hot tea or coffee. Lighter snacks such as healthy baked sweet potato fries, bagel bites, and mini pizza are good options that can be served at the late night.

  1. Calorie Free Items

There are some people who always look for some healthy or oil free options when it comes to food. You can add some lip smacking gourmet salads, wraps and rolls made with healthy grains to your menu for your health conscious guests.


The above mentioned trends have totally marked themselves this year and there will be more that will catch our eyes in the coming future.

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