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Italian gelato: serve the best in your ice cream parlor


Are you looking for a new angle to set your ice cream parlor apart from the crowd? If so, it could be time to make the switch from boring old ice cream to authentic italian gelato. If you don’t already know, there’s a world of difference between standard ice cream wholesale companies provide to American parlors or truck operators, and high-quality gelato. So let’s explain a few things first.

antico eramo authentic italian gelato

What makes gelato so different to conventional ice cream?

Gelato is usually made from the same raw materials as ice cream – milk, sugar and cream – but the way these ingredients are used is totally different. While standard ice creams are intensively whipped to add air, gelato is processed more slowly, resulting in a much thicker, smoother product. Usually, it requires far less cream and no eggs, allowing the central flavor to rise to the top – creating a much more intense experience for consumers.

You may have tasted gelato on a trip to Europe. Or you could have sampled it at one of the relatively few American restaurants who serve the real Italian version. If so, you’ll appreciate how much customers adore this rich, simple dessert. If not, we recommend you try it as soon as possible. You might not go back to serving ice cream.

How we turn gelato bases into delicious desserts
That’s a good thing, because it’s easy to make the switch from conventional ice cream to genuine gelato. All you need are the right bases. These bases are added to flavorings, milk, cream and sugar in certain proportions, creating the right texture for the finished product. They must be made well, or the consistency of the gelato won’t be quite right. And they also allow restaurateurs to store gelato over long periods at different temperatures. So it pays to source the best bases possible.

Antico Eremo can supply a range of bases wholesale if you’d like to create gelato for the American market. Having grown from a tiny kitchen in northern Italy in the 1970s, they are experts in creating products which allow businesses to create incredible desserts. Antico Eremo want American restaurant owners or ice cream trucks to serve gelato to as many people as possible.

Why switching to gelato can boost your business
Serving gelato makes perfect sense for restaurants and parlors who want to offer something different. Think about it. How much value does your current ice cream supplier add to your menu? Maybe a few specialist flavors, but probably not much more. With gelato, you can start advertising 100% Made in Italy desserts – a neat selling point for any eatery.

Antico Eremo also create bases that can create gluten-free, organic, or even vegan variations. So you can broaden your customer base by appealing to different diets. With more Americans than ever identifying as gluten-free or vegan, that could give you a unique edge in the local market.

Contact Antico Eremo and become a local gelato legend
Working out of South Carolina, Antico Eremo’s American team is happy to work with any businesses who want to serve or sell their own gelato masterpieces. You can add private labels to desserts based on our products. In fact, Antico Eremo will help you along the way, advising about how to make the perfect gelato. And whether you’ve been thinking about changing your ice cream supplier or not, it’s worth considering what adding some gelato to the mix could do for your sales.

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