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Nanning Foodies Guide: Top Restaurants in Nanning Guangxi For Fine Dining

Neither China is not just about Beijing and Shanghai, nor is it right to consider fried rice, steamed dumplings, and pork buns as the staple food that the country has to offer.  Foodies who make a trip to China would be wiser to venture beyond the known territories and explore more delightful and delectable dining experiences in smaller cities like Nanning in Guangxi located in Southern China. 

Nanning, being the capital city of Guangxi, deserves a lot of attention, especially for those keen to discover the beauty of Cantonese cuisine. The foods of Nanning share a lot of similarities with Cantonese foods, especially the nourishment and tenderness that goes into the dishes. Some of the chosen dishes of the city are noodle based as the city loves rice noodles. Try out Ba Zhen Fen or Eight Treasures Noodles that comes with eight exclusive ingredients of the land and sea. The flavorsome dish Lao You Fen or Old Friends Noodles can protect you from cold.

For the perfect dining experience in Nanning, visit the restaurants discussed in this article.


This French restaurant is the star attraction of Nanning that serves European and French cuisines to one and all, including the vegans. It is one of the four French restaurants in the city that won the Certificate of Excellence in 2017-18 and the second-best of the 234 restaurants in Nanning.  French and Italian foods, along with American burgers, find a place in the menu of the restaurant that is ready to woo customers with some of the finest dining experience unmatched in the Asian region. The homely ambiance of the restaurant adds to the customers’ delight who are in awe of the food fare. Good food, friendly staff, and a great ambiance make Babel very special.

GanJia JiePai NingMengYa Dian

Located on Yuan Hu South Road, GanJia JiePai NingMengYa Dian is a hot destination for Chinese and Asian foods served exclusively for dinner. This top restaurants in Nanning figures in the list of 73 Chinese restaurants in Nanning and occupies the second spot.  Lemon Duck is the most favorite item for guests who can also taste other dishes of pork and mixed vegetables. The place is ideal for tasting the best local delicacies, which can make the trip memorable. It is the Lemon Duck that draws locals to the restaurant, which speaks volumes about the goodness of the stuff. Ensure that you have the table reserved, or else you may have to wait for some time even on weekdays.

ZhongShan Road XiaoChiJie

Barbecue lovers look not beyond ZhongShan Road XiaoChiJie, which is one of the most happening places in Nanning, ready to offer a comfortable dining experience. Located on the Food Street, the restaurant serves seafood, bugs, dumplings, and fruit in addition to its famed barbecue. It is an exciting place to visit with friends and spend some time provided you are lucky to find a place in the crowded space that never fails to meet the expectations of guests comprising of locals as well as tourists.

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