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Beloved poet Robert Burns once talked about a particular food in Scotland by the name of haggis. It was considered to be one of the most popular dishes, made from different parts of sheep, prepared with spices, onion, oatmeal, and a touch of salt. Although this was once considered a delicacy in this country, though it is still popular, it may not be the best dish for everyone. However, the rave reviews of this poet, and most of the people of Scotland, may motivate you to give it a try.

Neeps and tatties

Along with haggis, this particular food is often served alongside of this type of meal. This is referencing the use of turnips, and also potatoes, which were abundant in Scottish dishes. To make things taste better, chives and butter were added, so the next time that you do have this dish, it will likely the served with carrots and peas.

Scottish Salmon

When you visit expensive restaurants, or even supermarkets with some of the best food available, you will often see a section where you will be able to purchase Scottish salmon. It is considered to be one of the best forms of salmon in the world, and is produced in freshwater like most other salmon. It has a perfect texture, and is said to also have a fantastic taste that will make any meal with seafood extra special. If you want to enjoy this meal, whether you are in Scotland or not, you will certainly appreciate the greatness of this particular salmon.


If you go to any high end restaurant in Scotland, you may actually find what is called porridge. This is served in boxes, as well as a gourmet dish, one that you can enjoy even though it is made with an abundance of salt. It may not look appealing when you initially see it. However, in Scottish culture, a spoonful of this delicious porch is what gets them through the day.

A Full Scottish

Just as in other countries that serve a full breakfast, this is one that is served in Scotland. It’s going to come with many different components including scones, sausage, and even black pudding. You may even see white pudding instead. For some, the scones are not as delicious as they should be, but they are often served with a generous amount of butter. In most cases, those that finished the meal feel absolutely content. You can even obtain these unique forms of breakfast at any hour if you are in Scotland. Book a hotel with a full Scottish breakfast on the menu at My Hotel Break District.

Scottish Tablet

Regarded as a treat in Scotland, it is a good choice for many people. It is a combination of butter, milk, and also sugar that has gone through a crystallization process. Many people enjoy this every day. You may even find that some brands of whiskey have these tablets. It is considered to be a confectionery delight in Scotland. You can easily find these for sale anywhere that you go.

Bangers And Mash

Bangers are a delicacy even with the British community. It is considered to be a classic. It is a combination of milk and butter, along with mashed potatoes. They are also referenced as sausages, which is what they are, and in Scotland they are considered to be one of the best. You can find these high quality sausages at most locations. In many cases, there will be exotic flavors applied to improve the overall taste.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

This is also a British staple when it comes to getting the best forms of desert in Britain. It is sticky toffee pudding. It is often served with some form of moist sponge cake, along with vanilla custard, or perhaps ice cream, and also a generous serving of toffee sauce. You can find this at most Scottish pups and it is the perfect dessert.

Fish supper

If you want to have fish supper, this is a very Scottish thing to do. Whether you are at a dance, or sitting at the beach, you can take advantage of these fluffy chips with fish. You will want to ask for the special salt sauce that is often served in places like Edinburgh and other locations where chip shop sauce will be available for all.


Grouse is in reference to a bird that is common in Britain, and you can also find them all throughout Scotland. It is considered to be a delicacy, and there are still gatherings of people that will go out during hunting season in order to get more of them. It is a dish that receives rave reviews by people that enjoy the gamey taste of this fantastic British dish.

Black pudding

This is part of Scottish cuisine, and black pudding is something that you will want to try because it’s very similar in ways to haggis. For most people, you may wonder how it is possible that this is edible at all. If you keep an open mind, in might be applicable for you. As you may know, there is quite a bit of blood involved, but this is also true if you are eating Scottish oatmeal or sausage meat. You can consume this along with chips, at the best cafés, plus you won’t have to travel as far as Scotland in order to try it out.

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