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Things You Should Never Do to Lose Weight

Burning body fat is not a simple task as it appears to be easier to gain extra kilos than get rid of them. Although it is always worth trying to fight obesity to restore the body shape and improve health, a wrongful approach to the process of losing weight can lead to devastating consequences and even do more harm than good to your body.

Even more than that, excess weight will return if you lose it too rapidly and in the wrong way. Quick weight loss also increases the chances of losing not just extra kilos, but also muscle mass and water apart from damaging your bones. This would translate into drastic consequences for your health and wellbeing.

That’s why what you need to do for sure is to change your dieting habits gradually and not to bring the number of consumed calories to a minimum too abruptly. Even though it will take more time if you change your way of life slowly, you’ll have greater chances to achieve long-term and successful results. No matter what your personal reasons for losing weight are, make sure you stop doing the following things if you wish to achieve only positive results.

Minimize Calorie Intake

If you are on your way to a perfect body, the biggest mistake would be not to eat enough or even starve yourself trying to eradicate excess weight. It may produce the right effect in the very beginning but the lost kilos will soon return when you start eating normally. There are lots of healthy recipes for weight loss so there is no need to feel unbearable hunger in the process of slimming. What’s more, if you stop eating healthy and start skipping meals, you may sooner or later lose your grip and begin to eat more than usual or even fall for pastry and sweets. 

After all, it has long been proved that maintaining an effective dietary regimen does not imply consuming less food. If you deprive yourself of meals, it may even produce a negative effect on the way your metabolism works. It will persuade your body that the period of starvation has started so that your body will get confused and will be more willing to keep the calories you eat in the form of fat instead of burning them.

It will also make you less active and energetic physically. That’s why what you should do is to always have meals throughout the day. You should just pay more attention to what you are eating and start choosing more nutritious and healthy food options like foods rich in protein and fiber. Besides, eating breakfast is especially important so you should never skip it because this meal improves the function of your metabolism. You can just have some toast or cereal to get started. This will be enough not to let your body think that you are starving it.

Not to Have Enough Sleep

If you are conscious about your weight, the regularity of sleep and the number of hours spent in bed matter as much as maintaining a healthy diet and training physically on a regular basis. Researchers have discovered that insufficient sleep can substantially contribute to the development of obesity. What’s more, those who sleep irregularly are more likely to experience fatigue and tiredness during the day so that you won’t have enough energy to exercise properly.

But this is not all. If you are deprived of the ability to sleep normally, you’ll be prone to eat more food throughout the day because you’ll stay awake for longer so you’ll have greater chances to exceed the normal number of calories. It also violates the way your hormonal system works so that it will be harder for you to gain control over your eating habits and appetite. It has been discovered that people leading a busy life and sleeping less than necessary are more prone to developing abnormal eating habits like eating before going to bed. That’s why it is critical to take care of your sleeping regimen if you want to maintain normal weight or lose excess kilos.

In this way, there is a direct link between your sleeping patterns and excess weight especially because the inability to sleep the right number of hours increases the development of the stress hormone cortisol. And it is the feeling of stress that makes your body keep accumulating fat and be not very eager to burn it. Thus, if you care about your weight, be sure to sleep 7-8 hours at a minimum without interruptions and day after day.

Strain Yourself by Exercising Too Actively

Intense workouts including CrossFit and lots of others have become very popular, and many people perceive them as a good way to lose extra weight. In reality, however, it can lead to severe outcomes if you do it wrongfully. That’s because intense workouts can produce excess pressure on your muscles, bones, tissues and the entire body. This may lead to an increased risk of getting injured or suffering from dehydration. From the psychological perspective, such way of exercising can be perceived as harsh punishment for overeating.

We all know that experts advise obese people to maintain a healthy diet and engage in regular physical activity to eradicate the problem of excess weight. Nonetheless, making too much of an effort in this respect may provoke greater harm than otherwise.

As a result, you need to make sure you get around half an hour of regular cardio training throughout the week combined with strength workouts for better results. If your goal is to lose excess kilos, aerobic activity is definitely important but you should try not to exceed the limit of 150 minutes per week. This may include low-impact training like tennis, riding a bicycle or walking as well as the following simple exercises that we all should do more often:

As a general rule, you just need to be moderate in your approach to physical activity. This way, you’ll get long-term and stable results that will not be harmful to your health.

Resort to Using Diet Tablets

There are lots of over-the-counter solutions that are seemingly effective for losing weight. However, the majority of these tablets are filled with too much caffeine and loads of diuretics which may be harmful to your body, especially kidneys and heart. As a result, you may even develop severe headaches and psychological problems.

Still, if you are following a specific diet plan, you might consider it useful if you add some supplements to your diet to achieve better results and see the effect quicker. But the truth is that this will not let you achieve your goals but rather cause damage to your health. Instead, it is better to try out different recipes for weight loss to not just lose excess weight but also improve your state of health. That’s because the majority of weight loss tablets are very harmful so healthy food products are always a much more preferable option.

Too many people are trying to find a quick solution to the problem of obesity but, as we have said previously, it is important to lose weight gradually and it’s even more important not to resort to taking any hazardous pills that may be dangerous for your health. Such methods of losing weight are not always safe as most of these pills do not meet the safety standards.

What you need to do is take control of your dietary habits and focus on eating healthy foods. You may also check out special weight loss dog food recipes that have become especially popular over the years. They will nourish your body and provide you with the necessary nutrients and vitamins so that your health will improve and you’ll start losing extra pounds without much effort.

Use Nicotine, Caffeine or Alcohol to Suppress Appetite

All of us know that smoking is the major cause of many serious health problems. However, many studies also show that nicotine can suppress your appetite. As a result, you may start thinking that smoking can be a good way to lose excess weight. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that nicotine and all the harmful substances that are contained in cigarettes cause damage to literally all body parts. They are the major causes of life-threatening diseases like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and respiratory problems. What’s more, once you start smoking, it will be incredibly hard to deal with the dependency. That’s why there are no ground reasons to use it as a weight-loss technique because it’s just not a worthwhile choice.

The same refers to alcohol, coffee and even juices that have too much sugar in them. When taken in excessive amounts, both alcohol and coffee can be very harmful, and you’ll hardly achieve your goal in relation to weight loss. Instead, you’ll increase the risk of health problems and maybe even become dependent.  


Finding the most appropriate dietary and exercise regimen is not so easy but it’s a guarantee that you’ll soon see perceptible results and achieve long-term effects by shaping your body and improving your health. Check out the list of the most effective recipes for losing weight using the following link

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