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Why You Should Choose Smaller Coffee Shops Over Large Chains

A large coffee chain offers various perks, from convenience to reliability, but there’s a lot a smaller coffee shop can offer that’s sometimes overlooked. Right now, especially during the pandemic, is the best time to support a smaller coffee shop, and it’s the right thing to do.

Genuine Business Support

Large coffee houses have enough cash to stay afloat, but that’s not the same for smaller coffee houses. The reality is your support and money matters more now. Eateries, restaurants, and coffee houses are some businesses that were hit hard during the pandemic. If you choose to spend a little on a morning cup of Joe, then consider spending it at a small business.

You’ll be helping this business pay their bills and employees. If you ever wanted to make a difference, now is the time. Don’t just do it once either. These folks need your help and will appreciate it. The idea of using your money to make an impact is relatively new, but it’s something you should continue to do as you move forward. Today, you’re helping a small coffee shop, and tomorrow you can help a cause you believe in.

Local Economy Support

When you spend money at a large coffee house chain, the company might not invest the money into the community. Large chains usually funnel their profits to some other location, and that’s not good at the moment. You want to do your best to ensure that you revitalize your town’s local economy. This is something you can do if you stick with smaller coffee houses. These folks are eager to please and are probably investing in your customer experience so that you continue to come back.

They’ve probably got coffee shop POS systems ready to make your checkout process even easier. Small businesses don’t just hire in-town talent but usually source most of their ingredients from local farms or other local businesses. If you want to find out more about what your particular coffee shop does, then go ahead and ask. Most of these folks are more than willing to share.

Supporting local businesses will provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience, like buying premium coffeehouse blends. When it comes to coffee, independents are always better concerning the actual quality and cost of the products. Individual coffee shops are all about doing what they love and doing it exceptionally well without the objective of achieving mass appeal. Local businesses also value your money and ensure you receive the best product and service possible.

Quality of Service

One advantage that small coffee houses have over bigger chains is that they’ve got the time to provide the kind of service you deserve. These folks are invested in their customers and want to provide you with better quality. Large corporations don’t need to worry too much about quality since they’ve got many customers coming in all the time.

Smaller coffee houses fight for customers, and if you want good treatment, you should go to them. During these strange times, everyone needs some care and warmth. People may have to social distance, but a small coffee house will give you that warmth you need. Smaller coffee shops are also willing to try new things, which makes them pretty exciting, too. You’ll probably see them offer local-specific coffee blends to emphasize that they are a part of the community.

Creates Local Charm

Small coffee shops are usually unique. Large coffee shops have to look like their counterparts, which is part of what makes smaller shops charming. You want that kind of charm in your town. It gives other folks a reason to visit your town, and that supports everyone.

It also gives your community something to be proud of. Seeing all these interesting little shops creates memories that you can share with those you love for years to come. Your kids can visit this coffee shop later on, and they’ll know that you were in that shop as well. Knowing that you can help ensure these sorts of shops can continue making your town unique is priceless.

You’ve got more than enough reasons to choose a smaller coffee shop over larger chains, but if you need a few more, then consider the fact that larger chains are usually more crowded. Smaller coffee houses might have fewer people, and that makes social distancing a little easier for you.

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