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7 Reasons Why You Really Should Be Eating More Dried Fruit Every Day

If you’re not big into eating fruits, perhaps dried fruit will change your mind. Dried fruit is simply fruit that has most of its water content drawn out from drying methods. As the water is removed, it shrinks up and leaves you with a small, flavorful, and shelf-stable nugget of fruit. This fruit nugget is packed with all the nutrients you’d get from that same fruit when it was fresh.

Most people picture raisins when they think of dried fruit. While it is just one example of dried fruit, there are so many other options to try. So if you’re not a fan of raisins, perhaps apricots, dates, prunes, cranberries, or figs will turn you into a believer.

While dried fruit is a great snack choice, it’s important to note that you should focus on healthy dried fruits. In their natural, dehydrated state, they are good for you. But only healthy dried fruits have no added sugar to them. Anything labeled as “candied” is something you should skip.

Buy dried fruit online and you’ll discover a delicious way to get your nutrients in every day. Here are 7 benefits to making healthy dried fruits a part of your daily diet.

1. It lasts a long time

You might mean well when you stock up on produce at the grocery or farmer’s market. But sometimes, your fruit may spoil before you get a chance to eat it all. Dried fruit lasts much longer and is the perfect staple to stash in your pantry.

2. Dried fruit is a versatile snack

Buy dried fruit online and mix it with your favorite nuts for a homemade trail mix, or eat it as a snack all on its own. It’s handy for road trips, school lunches, and is a wonderful asset during both summer and winter storms to boost nutrition.

3. It helps keep things moving along

Healthy dried fruits are full of fiber. In fact, they contain as much as 6 times the fiber than their fresh-fruit counterparts. Fiber is wonderful for keeping things moving in your digestive system, especially in the intestines. Dried figs in particular are ideal to combat constipation. 

4. Boosts energy while being diet-friendly

The natural sugars from these healthy dried fruits help keep you balanced while giving you enough calories to function. You don’t have to eat much to get a pre-workout boost. Just a handful will satiate your appetite and help you perform better in exercise. They’re a great sweet snack for children that you can feel good about giving them too.

5. Dried fruits have an incredible nutrition profile

With every handful of dried fruit you eat, you’re giving your body vitamins and minerals it needs. As long as no sugar is added and the fruit is simply extracted of water content, you’re getting the most concentrated dose of vitamins and minerals to help your body thrive. 

You’ll gain more vitamin A, B vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium when you eat those healthy dried fruits. Add to it that fiber and antioxidants, and every mouthful gets you closer to building better health

6. Improve heart and bone health

No matter your age, it’s important to focus on taking care of your heart and bones. With all that potassium, you’ll safeguard your heart from high blood pressure issues and other cardiovascular concerns. Prunes and fried figs are among the best for bone health too because they have an exceptional amount of calcium to keep bones strong and healthy.  

7. Dried fruit has impressive antioxidant power

Getting enough antioxidants is important because they help fight free radicals that cause oxidative damage to cells. It’s not just about looking younger and fighting those visible signs of aging, but it’s also about preventing serious diseases. The more antioxidants you have in your corner eliminating free radical damage, the better off you’ll be.

Dried fruit contains a hefty roster of phenolic antioxidants including carotenoids, polyphenols, and vitamins like A and E. All of these together improve your blood flow, help digestive health, reduce that damage from oxidation, and lower your risk for many diseases. 

Along with the other minerals and fiber content, dried fruit is one of the healthiest things you can eat. Remember, you should skip anything that has added sugar. Besides, fruit is sweet and delicious enough with its own natural sugars while being completely good for you.

If you have trouble eating enough fresh fruit each day to fit your dietary intake, buy dried fruit online. You can keep it ready for when you need a snack at home or on the go. Healthy dried fruits also make for a great way to top off Greek yogurt, oats, or salads. 

Satisfy your sweet tooth or contrast savory items with dried fruit. You won’t just love the taste…you’ll also love how it helps you feel fuller longer leaving you less likely to overeat and get to your best health goals. Start adding it to your life today!

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