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13 Meals and Drinks to Cure a Bad Hangover

Some connoisseurs claim that small doses of alcohol can be useful for our health. But let’s face it: we don’t drink alcohol to stay healthy and strong. Usually, we drink tequila, wine, martinis, or vodka to have fun, cure our broken hearts, or cope with sadness and loneliness.

If not for bad hangovers, alcohol would be the best way to relax.

But we have what we have. Birthday parties, proms, weddings, and corporate events result in headache, nausea, extreme weakness, and a desire to die. The simplest and most obvious decision is to stop drinking alcohol. But, really, are you ready for this sacrifice?

If not, check the list of meals and drinks that will help you prevent a bad hangover. You may take this type of meal before the party or after (if you’re able to do it without vomiting). By the way, if you need a good speech for the holiday, check the GPALabs speech writing service – they’ll help you with any occasion.

  • Water

Drinking water is the most obvious and popular tip. Processing alcohol requires much water, and you have to stay hydrated. Drink clean water or water with lemon all the time: before, during, and after the party.

  • Orange juice

This drink is a good after-party solution. First of all, the sour taste may help you to take down nausea. Secondly, the vitamin C speeds up your alcohol metabolism. Finally, orange juice is really refreshing and will help you love your life again!

  • Green tea

Green tea is a magic drink. According to ancient Chinese medicine, it’s a cure for everything. So why not a hangover? Green tea provides antioxidants and may relieve headaches. It’ll also help you remain hydrated if you don’t want to drink water.

  • Bananas

Bananas are fruits of happiness. They contain vitamin B6, which contributes to the generation of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is the hormone of satisfaction. Maybe you’ll feel a bit better. Bananas also help to balance salt levels in the blood.

  • Egg

Eggs will help you to deal with toxins and give you some strength to fight for your good mood. It can be the perfect element of your hangover breakfast or lunch.

  • Tomato

If you have the strength to have breakfast, we highly recommend adding a few slices of tomato. They will bring some color to your gray and unhappy morning. And also some potassium.

  • Strawberries

As well as orange juice, strawberries will provide you with vitamin C and facilitate alcohol metabolism. You can make a banana-strawberry smoothie to cover two magic ingredients at once.

  • Chicken soup

This is actually a universal cure for any disease. Chicken soup contains so many healthy qualities that we’re not even going to list them all here. And if you eat soup before the party, proteins will help you to stay sober for a longer time.

  • Pickle juice

This drink is unlikely to appear on your everyday table, but it works well when you have a bad hangover. Pickle juice contains electrolytes that help you to restore the quantity of water in your body. It has a specific taste, and not everyone is able to drink it without cringing. 

  • Honey

If you’re not allergic to honey, it can make your hangover recovery much easier. It contains many various vitamins. Plus, fructose helps to break down the alcohol. After all, it tastes great with toast and a cup of green tea.

  • Salmon (B12)

You’re not likely to cook salmon with a hangover, but you can eat it before the party. Salmon contains vitamin B12, and alcohol destroys the supplies of this element in the body. So it’s better to consume some of it in advance.

  • Milk

Drinking milk is another way to stay hydrated if water and green tea aren’t for you. In addition, milk contains potassium, which is something that gets washed away from our body when we urinate. As our bodies try to process the alcohol at an accelerated rate, we go to the toilet more often during parties than usual. That’s why we need to restore our supplies of the necessary elements.

  • Pasta

Parties require a great amount of energy. Pasta is a good source of carbs and, therefore, energy. But we recommend eating before the party, as you are unlikely to eat it with pleasure during your hangover recovery.

And one more thing: if you have a hangover, don’t drink more alcohol! It might seem like a good idea, because a small portion will bring short-term relief. But everything will get even worse afterward! Don’t take a risk – instead, cure your hangover with these time-tested methods.