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Does Mindfulness Work for Everyone?

Mindfulness is somewhat of a "buzzword" today, appearing in practically every fitness report with details of its magical effects. It has even been touted as a good fit for de-stressing seminars or military programs.  This recent rise in popularity which is fueled by numerous research that highlights the benefit of mindfulness

Baking Soda & Lemon Juice: A Myth or a Perfect Cleanse

In the age where every day we’re hearing about some new cleanse that’s going to change your life for the better. Some new combination of foods or essential oils that is going to fix every problem you’ve got. It could be something to treat a digestive issue, a respiratory issue or

Best & Worst Foods For Hair Growth

Losing your hair is an unfortunate, but natural part of life. It doesn’t happen to everybody of course, and at which point in your life you have to deal with it varies from person to person, but it’s extremely common. The worst thing about it is that there isn’t really a

Are Traditional Dental Implants Better than Mini Implants

If you have dental problems, especially concerning tooth loss, chances are that you are familiar with dental implants. These handy replacements for your tooth root are embedded in your gums and can either be used to anchor one or more teeth, or to hold in place removable dentures. Dental implants are

5 Methods to Make Your Muscles Visible

It is already June, and you’ll be visiting a beach soon. Although you thought that in the last few months you spent enough time working out in the gym, it seems that you have underestimated your body and its resistance to change. With the sun gaining on the intensity every

Ketogenic Diet Supplements

When we hear the word “keto”, we instantly know that it is a low carb high protein diet effective for quicker weight loss. But the whole process of a ketogenic diet is not actually that simple as the name suggests. To get the best result out of a keto diet

Building Muscle Fast

Muscle gives us strength and enables us to be more active. Losing weight is tough but building muscle is more challenging. There are a lot of ways like keto diet and intermittent fasting with which you can lose weight almost in a flesh. But to gain muscle you must go

Losing Weight as a Female

It is considered that losing weight is harder for women due to their genetic makeup. If a male and a female start following the same diet and exercise routine, after a certain time the man will lose a few pounds more than the women. As there is nothing but genes

Difference between food allergy & skin allergy and treatment options

In a broader sense, an allergy means intolerance, although these are not the same. For example, some people cannot tolerate some kinds of foods. It can cause some reaction and uneasiness in the body that might show up in the form of rashes that people call allergies. Similarly, some metals

8 Foods that can help with balancing your hormones

The human body is made up of very many hormones that are produced by the endocrine glands. Some of the hormones that are produced include cortisol, insulin, serotonin, testosterone, dopamine, and estrogen, to mention a few. These hormones affect every aspect of our lives - emotional, physical, and mental. As