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6 Foods High in Zinc

When we think of important dietary nutrients and minerals, zinc is a mineral that is often overlooked. We instead tend to focus on minerals such as iron, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, which means that zinc sometimes just doesn’t get a look in. Today however, we’re going to be looking at 7 foods high in

Spice Up Your Morning Toast With These 7 Healthy Hacks

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Jumpstart your day by eating a nutritious breakfast and conquer the day! Today we will share to you 7 Healthy Ways to Spice Up Your Morning Toast. As we said, you can’t function well with an empty stomach so it is imperative that

Things You Should Never Do to Lose Weight

Burning body fat is not a simple task as it appears to be easier to gain extra kilos than get rid of them. Although it is always worth trying to fight obesity to restore the body shape and improve health, a wrongful approach to the process of losing weight can lead to devastating consequences

10 Foods To Curb (Reduce) Your Appetite

As the heart of the home, it is only natural that you gravitate to the kitchen to indulge in its many delectable delights. But, when it comes to fighting back the battle of the bulge, or just to focus on eating for health, it becomes very difficult to stave off hunger, and wait until

13 Meals and Drinks to Cure a Bad Hangover

Some connoisseurs claim that small doses of alcohol can be useful for our health. But let’s face it: we don’t drink alcohol to stay healthy and strong. Usually, we drink tequila, wine, martinis, or vodka to have fun, cure our broken hearts, or cope with sadness and loneliness. If not for bad hangovers,

5 Anti-Aging Foods for A Younger Skin

There are many modern methods introduced to ensure longevity and better life expectancy to human beings. The main reason why research into this particular area is quite popular is because the fear of death is a natural part of human minds and continuous efforts are made to postpone the inevitable end. Many of these

What Does Healthy Eating Mean?

We get to hear the term “healthy eating” so much nowadays. It’s on the news, social media, and everywhere else that you can think of. Healthy eating is the new cool thing to do. You can find people dishing out fitness challenges every other day and even more people lining up to pay for

What is Obesity?

Obesity is defined as abnormal fat accumulation, dangerous for health. It is a treatable disease. Obesity causes many health issues such as Type 2 diabetesMany Heart problems (high blood pressure, stroke etc.)Cardiovascular problemsPremature deathSome cancers (like breast, kidney, colon etc.) BMI calculator:        Doctors will usually say that a person is obese if his or her’s BMI is

Eat Chicken Breast to Build Muscle and Achieve Fitness Goals

Anyone in the fitness industry knows that a high-protein diet is the key to building muscle mass. But with so many sources of protein to choose from, which is the optimal high-protein source to incorporate into a bodybuilding diet? Fitness gurus around the world swear by chicken breast as the ideal source of lean-protein, and