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Ways to Add Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Diet

Apple Cider Vinegar

Ways to Add Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Diet Apple cider vinegar is one of the big health fads everyone can't stop talking about these days. While the health and weight loss benefits of apple cider vinegar are a major topic right now, it can't be denied that the taste of

7 Types of Food for Students what Can Improve Brain Activity

Did you know that eating right can help you achieve better test scores?  Come exam time, the type of food that you eat can help improve your brain’s cognitive function. This leads to better memory retention while also extending your attention span – two things that will only serve you well

The Best Superfoods for Your Naturally Bright and Smooth Skin

There are times when you look at your face in front of the mirror and wonder what happened to that glorious and glowing skin of yours. As one age, a lot of changes may occur and affect the health of your skin. This may be due to several factors including

What is Healthy Meal Plan For Weight Loss?

Like any of the resources that are integral to our survival, our willpower is non-renewable. We start out our days and weeks with a preset amount of will power that gets used up rapidly in small decision-making tasks from what we should wear to what we should say. When we

Get Rid of Lower Back Pain- 5 Highly Effective Home Treatments for You

Rid of Lower Back Pain

According to a research, we came to know that almost 33 million American people suffer from lower back pain. It’s a massive number. Well, people who have lower back pain can’t enjoy their life fully as because they face the pain anytime. And more specifically, they face the pain during

Top Foods that reduce back pain and inflammation

Inflammation is the way the body defends itself. Chronic inflammation is caused by a bad diet and toxins, bringing with it a host of health complications such as pain and disease. If you suffer with any of the inflammatory conditions such as eczema, arthritis, back pain or asthma, your body