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What is Healthy Meal Plan For Weight Loss?

Like any of the resources that are integral to our survival, our willpower is non-renewable. We start out our days and weeks with a preset amount of will power that gets used up rapidly in small decision-making tasks from what we should wear to what we should say. When we

Top Foods that reduce back pain and inflammation

Inflammation is the way the body defends itself. Chronic inflammation is caused by a bad diet and toxins, bringing with it a host of health complications such as pain and disease. If you suffer with any of the inflammatory conditions such as eczema, arthritis, back pain or asthma, your body

What foods have potassium?

Potassium rich foods

Potassium is a mineral essential for the entire health of our body: its ions are essential for the right nerve transmission and the effectiveness of muscle contractility. The balanced concentration of potassium in the blood also serves to ensure the proper supply of nutrients to the cells, as well as

What food for diarrhea?

foods for diarrhea

First of all, it is good to clarify what is meant by "diarrhea". An isolated episode of semisolid or liquid stool emission, also accompanied by an abdominal pain, cannot be defined as such. Diarrhea is in fact characterized by frequent evacuations (at least four, five times a day) of liquid

What drinks for a sore throat?

sore throat drink

A sore throat is a disorder often linked to problems such as colds or streptococcal infections. Treatment for a sore throat usually consists in relieving the disorder until the condition that caused it is completely cured, and therefore the sore throat goes away with it. Most sore throats are caused

What are protein-rich foods?

The proteins are macronutrients fundamental for our body because they provide the energy necessary for its proper functioning. They also contribute to weight loss and maintenance of lean mass, to the detriment of fat. Proteins are composed of basic elements: amino acids. There are 20 types of amino acids, of

What food gives you energy?

We know that feeding is the way we supply energy to the organism. Therefore, our diet should always be geared towards providing the body and mind with everything that they need to function properly. The balance between the nutrients is, therefore, fundamental and we have already studied, for example, why protein-rich

What’s good for a hangover?


A headache, fatigue, but also cramps and nausea: this is also the price to pay after an evening when it is exaggerated especially with alcohol. The popular sayings are not lacking: there are those who, before going out, drink glasses of water - they say that they do "bottom" -

What to do about food poisoning?

It takes very little: a food stored or cooked in the wrong way and the first troublesome ailments begin: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. There is no doubt it is food poisoning and the symptoms do not lie. In most cases the food poisoning and the symptoms that normally accompany it are

What food have magnesium?

Magnesium is an important mineral for the health of the body, it is found in cells, tissues, and organs. Specifically, body content of magnesium in the adult organism is equal to about 25 grams, 60% is present in the bones, 39% is intracellular and about 1% is found in liquids