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Sushi – the best Japanese food that you should not miss

Sushi, or sushi, is one of the Japanese's favorite traditional foods. Japanese people often say that "where there are fish, there is sushi." This food is said to originate in the subtropical zone. People there find that if cooked rice is put into a clean fish chamber and buried underground in a jar, it

Bubble tea – China great beverage that you should try

Through thousands of years of history and civilization, to pursue the footprint of a cup of bubble tea. Tibetan bubble tea Legend has it that the first person to mix tea and bubble is the Tang Dynasty Princess Wencheng. Yes, the princess who was sent to Tubo and his relatives by Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty,

Sous Vide Technique: Easy Way to Cook Delicious High-Protein Dishes

So, you’ve already tried to make grilled food and barbeque, stir fry technique, as well as just roasting, cooking and so on. But your protein dishes usually turn out either half-raw or overcooked? This simple method will let you enjoy perfectly cooked meat every time. What is Sous Vide Technique? Sous Vide method, which translates from

2019 the Year of Healthy Fast Food

More than 80% of people eat out at least once per week all over the world. Finding food that is healthy can be a struggle when fast food dominates the market. Fast foods such as burgers and chicken are high in sodium, trans fat, and cholesterol. People who consume these substances regularly,

3 Ways To Use Ginseng Roots

There are several types of herbs and roots etc that we hear about every single day, every single herb is a cure to a particular disease or a medical condition, but today we are here to talk about a plant and its roots that is basically sure to every single

How to switch to Black Coffee with these quick tips

Can you drink black coffee? Have you ever been trying to change to black coffee but haven't been able to perform it? Finding out how to drink black coffee is something every coffee lover needs to do. Coffee is full of unique flavours that will delight your senses, however, sugar and cream will dull those flavours

The Health Benefits of Drinking Mushroom Tea

If you are someone who is a big time fan of trendy tea’s like the matcha tea, the golden milk tea, and charcoal tea etc then you are at the right place, reading the right article. Today we are here with another addition to the “trendy teas” list that will

Top Tips for Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

For many women, pregnancy is one of the healthiest times in their lives, since they may take extra care of their diet during this special time. If you have already been to see your OBGYN, chances are, they have already given you a list of foods to avoid. They may

Share the Spatula: 4 Reasons to Cook with Your Kids

Who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal? There’s something special about those heavenly aromas wafting through the house that gets everyone all excited. The next time you are flipping flapjacks or scrambling eggs, you may want to invite the kids in to help. Here are four reasons why sharing the

Treat Your Teeth: 5 Surprising Foods That Promote Oral Health

Your oral health is an important part of maintaining your overall health. There are some foods that are better for your oral health than others. Here are five of the more surprising foods that can promote your oral health.  Yogurt  The bacteria that's found in yogurt can work to