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Why One Thai Hot Pot Hot Spot is Worth the Visit in Pattaya

Going to a buffet restaurant is a great way to get your fill at a reasonable price. Sometimes though, you’ll pay a steep price for bland food or average offerings. Other times, it’s not clean enough. In Thailand though, one buffet restaurant stands out from the others for it’s Thai hot pot traditions and

5 Different Ways To Grill Fish For Your Lunch

When it comes to grilling quickly, everyone thinks of some burgers, or beef steaks, however, you should also consider grilling some fish for lunch. Not only is it delicious if prepared right, but it is also essential for a healthy diet.  Fish has omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for a

5 Dishes Any Australian Chef Should Know How to Prepare

Many might not know this, but Australia has its very own set of dishes that set it apart from other cuisines of the world. Tourists that travel there will always have the possibility to feast their senses on specific Australian meat dishes and bizarre sounding desserts. If you are looking

5 Tips on Creating a Perfect Wedding Dessert Table

For some people, a wedding cake is the wedding gown of the menu: the must-have and the only possible option to choose for this outstanding event. Yet, in recent years, more forward-thinking and daring foodies getting hitched have chosen to get a little bolder with their dessert ideas. To be

How to make orange juice with a juicer?

Nothing like the taste of freshly squeezed orange juice! I have a citrus press and a hand press, but I never really used them to make orange juice. So I wondered how to make orange juice with a juicer.  So I did some tests and dug a little, and discovered the

Hot Sauces For Healthy Living

Do you know that hot sauce is very beneficial for staying healthy? If you don't know then you should be aware of it as it is very helpful to stay fit. It is a new and smart way to get fit and health experts have also done research on it.

Losing Weight as an Older Male

Getting older is inevitable, but one can slow down the aging process by staying fit and healthy. Unfortunately, with age, our metabolism system slows down and the process of keeping a healthy weight gets more challenging. With the same diet and same workout, you might not be able to burn

Date Syrup or Date Nectar: How to Use it in the Kitchen

Persian dates are also known as the fruit of paradise and this oval-shaped, brown or reddish yellow sweet fruit grows on the date palm trees abundant in Iran. There are over a hundred kinds of dates in Iran, which includes astamaran, shahani, zahedi, kabkab, and rabbi to name a few.

Your First 4 Things To Cook In Your Cast Iron Skillet

Everyone loves cooking and relishing the flavor of their dishes. There are plenty of ways to make your recipes flavorsome, and one of the ideal means is to use the right utensil and cook it in the right direction. You must try different styles of cooking and use various utensils