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Bizarre Indian street foods you should try

ndia is an amalgamation of different cultures and beholds speciality in numerous fields. India’s famous dishes range from Litti chokha, Vada Pav, Puchka, Jhalmuri, and ends in rasgulla and mishti doi (sweet curd). One can find the dishes available in every nook and corner of the country. People now have

Things You Must Consider When Choosing a Restaurant

There are several options when it comes to eating at a restaurant. If you love the dining experience, you can visit a restaurant from the comfort of your own home or with the help of a restaurant guide, but there are some things you should consider before committing to this

Lebanese food , customs and recipes


Lebanese foods and food customs in Lebanon: Lebanese cuisine is usually Mediterranean cuisine. Most traditional Lebanese dishes are very simple ,and for making these delicious foods they use cereals ,beans and vegetables most of the time . Sometimes the people in Lebanon used from a food ingredient such as chickpeas in

Benefits of Homemade Food

Adults, especially those with families, prefer shared meals at their homes. Most enjoy the health, social, and emotional benefits that come with them. Yet, the FMI Foundation data contradicts this statement. Their research shows that whenever an adult in the US gets a meal during the week, 46% of the

10 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Family Budget

Eating healthy in this day and age is far from easy – if that’s something you’re passionate about, you need to invest lots of time and energy into planning your meals and sticking to your healthy eating regime. This is even harder when you’re trying to do that on a

Is Cannelloni the king of Italian pasta?

Noble in their shape and size, served at sophisticated occasions as well as Sunday gathering of Italian families and flexible in their presentation with both traditional and creative recipes: the Cannelloni tubes are the real kings of pasta and the go-to solution for surprising your dinner party guests with a

15 Appetizers You Should Serve At Your Wine Party

Planning a wine party can be really exciting and results in a great time with the friends and family upon execution. But, pairing the right food with the wine can be tricky and challenging as you want the food to complement the wine instead of being a contrast. Having great appetizers

7 Healthy Juices To Boost Your Immunity

Our immune system can be defined as our knight in shining armour, it’s constantly active and shielding our body from various viruses, infections and diseases. To reward our immune system for protecting us, we must provide it with vitamins and minerals so it can keep us healthy and energised. In this

10 Reasons Why It’s So Important to Cook with Your Kids

Cooking at home with your kids might sound like a recipe for disaster. Yet experts say teaching your kids to love cooking is very important and could help them be successful in many other ways.  Sure, they might make a lot of messes along the way, but those things can be

Takeway Cafe

You must be wondering why a few people like to work in the Takeway Cafe which is an all-women-owned and operated lunch stand. It's not that they are secretly really nice guys, it's more because they do not mind that the clients come for a female atmosphere, but really want