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5 Foods You Should Take the Time to Try While Visiting the Caribbean

Everyone knows that the Caribbean is known for nice weather and beautiful beaches. However, not everyone realizes that it's home to a lot of unique food that will have you asking for seconds. Here are five foods you should take the time to try while visiting the Caribbean. Coconut Drops Coconut lovers

Easy-to-Prepare Appetizer Recipes for Your Outdoor Gatherings

Whether you’ve got friends or family coming over for a celebration, or a small gathering for a barbecue in your backyard, nothing makes things better than a good appetizer. And while you might think this adds complications to your preparations, most of them are pretty easy to make and only

Discover a New Twist on Classic Wodka

The best things in life are created from a foundation of love. For where there is love, there is passion. That’s how Wodka Brasil took off with a flying leap of faith and a heart firmly rooted in true love.   destilHERO is the story of that true love. The new wodka

How to Cook Roast Beef on a Grill

Out of all of the meats you could possibly cook on a grill, roast beef definitely belongs to the trickier ones. If not done properly, it could turn dry and chewy quite quickly, not making for the best experience for yourself and your guests. On the other hand, if you

7 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Dogs enjoy eating human food and most pet owners lovingly feed them without realising the adverse effects. Certain foods can be toxic and dangerous to the dog’s health which many pet owners might not even be aware of. This ignorance might pose a serious threat to your dog’s well-being and

10 Vegan Recipes You Can Prepare With Canned Foods

Preparing vegan dishes from fresh organic products all the time may not always be convenient. Especially, during the pandemic, it would be wise to stock your ingredients in the pantry. Vegan food cooked with canned ingredients can be absolutely delightful! Check out these highly nourishing vegan recipes. We assure you these recipes are

How to become a master chef?

Who of us does not love great food? Would you like to learn how to cook like a master chef, but don't know where to start? Beginnings can be difficult, so we have prepared a guide for you on what you need to do to improve your cooking skills. We believe that cooking

Human Food That is Actually Good for Dogs

As most dog owners already know, dogs don’t have an identical digestive tract compared to humans. Consequently, certain foods that are a part of our everyday diets can be extremely dangerous for our furry pals if they eat it. On the other hand, there are also plenty of types of food

History of the Delicious French Macarons

Small, pillowy and delicate, Macarons are probably the most famous and recognizable French dessert. This sweet comes in many tastes, but what’s even more attractive to consumers is their colorful aesthetics that makes everyone who grabs one feel like French royalty. However, macarons weren’t always so lux and glam. Here

BBQ Grill History Everyone Should Know

Many people know barbecuing to be an American thing, and they are right. But in the books of history, barbecue was never truly American.  The culture of barbequing started long before there was civilization. Here’s the history of BBQ grills. The Cavemen We can trace the history of barbecue as far back as