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A Step-By-Step Guide to Brewing Tasty CBD Coffee at Home

Coffee is a super healthy beverage that supplies you with energy for the whole day. It helps you burn fat, lose weight, and prevent cancer. Most importantly, it protects you from heart diseases, although many people think it doesn’t. A cup of delicious coffee has become a regular morning ritual for

Cooking with Cannabis: 5 Best Recipes

With the popularity that CBD, or cannabidiol, has gained over the last couple of years, hemp-based products are no longer newcomers in your kitchen. They can be used as a superfood or dietary supplement, and you could add them to almost any dish to make it even more nutritious and

Where to Buy the Best CBD Gummies

If you are looking for a healthy supplement that is both safe and effective, then consider buying CBD gummies. CBD is an essential ingredient that is found in hemp plants. Some studies show that the consumption of CBD can have a number of positive effects on the body, particularly with regard

Tips For Cooking With CBD

There’s a wide body of evidence which highlights the immense benefits of consuming cannabidiol (or CBD to you and me). From providing pain relief and combating the symptoms of stress and anxiety to waging the ongoing battle against inflammation within the human body, CBD can be an outstanding dietary supplement that

Scrumptious Homemade Weed Recipes 2020

In the US, medical marijuana is legal in 33 states, whereas recreational one - in 11. Although for long decades cannabis was treated as an incredibly dangerous plant that could lead astray the righteous, recent studies show that although weed has some side effects, it can also be used to

How to Add CBD to Your Daily Diet

Gone are the days when CBD (cannabidiol) and other products associated with hemp or marijuana raised eyebrows. Today, people are actually using CBD products as these have been thought to provide several possible health benefits such as relieving stress and improving sleep quality.  CBD products are common today. You can find

Cooking with Cannabis: Easy Cannabis Recipes

The times, when the only cannabis edibles available were the so-called ‘special brownies’, are going out the window. After all, there are so many ways in which you can use cannabis while cooking, that sticking only with this one would be a crime.  However, before we jump into the recipes, let’s

Which foods to eat and which to avoid during THC detox

Everyone may have a different reason to detox and eat some foods to enhance the process while avoiding foods that will undermine the same. Many reasons might prompt you to detox, including an impending drug test that you want to pass, tolerance break, or even support the idea of quitting

Yellow Vietnam Kratom: Background and Usage

If you’re an avid fan of kratom and have yet to discover all of them, you might be surprised to hear that there is kratom from Vietnam. Yellow Vietnam Kratom, also known as Vietnam gold kratom, is unique it both its color and country of origin.   Kratom comes from the leaves

Are there any Health Risks from Smoking Marijuana Long-Term?

Why do cannabis smokers not get lung cancer? This is the $64 million dollar question, and something that scientists, experts and researchers are yet to come close to a definitive conclusion on. Research has shown that many of the cancer-causing toxins in tobacco are also present in cannabis, making the apparent