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Best Weed Recipes You Should Know

If you live in a state where weed is welcome, you have probably seen the culinary art that is taking place in most dispensaries right now. It’s not only about pre-rolled blunts anymore - (although these are amazing as well) it’s about cooking, baking, and showing off your THC skills

CBD Recipes for Every First Time CBD User

Instead of vaping or smoking CBD, some users prefer to take their daily doses together with their food. Anyway, there is nothing new about this. In fact, CBD edibles are already available on the market for sale.  If you're a newbie who has just joined the cannabidiol movement, there is a

How To Add CBD Oil To Your Daily Recipes

Because of its known therapeutic properties, specifically anti-pain and relaxing properties, cannabidiol (CBD) has been known as an excellent alternative to traditional medications. With CBD oil, users can benefit by ingesting its purest oil form or via sublingual route – under your tongue. Also, CBD oil can be infused to

6 Best Cannabis Edibles For Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are widespread problems these days, and apart from damaging our overall health, they can also take quite a toll on our careers and social life. For some people, anxiety is so problematic that they need to use anti-anxiety medications to function normally. These pharmaceutical pills can have many

How to make CBD gummies with isolate

CBD gummies are now the trending and easiest way to consume CBD doses. If you are experiencing stressful days, these are a perfect option to give you a calming and relaxing feeling.  Making them does not necessarily require expertise or industrial manufacture. You can as well, make it in the comfort

Easy Marijuana Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Sativa Shrimp Creole

If you enjoy something with a bit of kick, love seafood, and want something that you can infuse your cannabis with, we’ve got the dish for you. Cannabis-Infused Sativa Shrimp Creole is about to become your new favorite dish. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and spicy and it is

How to use Cannabis Concentrates Oil and Extracts

Cannabis concentrates, oils, and extracts are the desirable compounds, such as THC, CBDs and terpenes, extracted from the cannabis plant. The plant itself has numerous impurities and plant material, which is not beneficial to users. Concentrate cannabis is more potent and allows users to consume it in many ways. Concentrates

Can I Put CBD in My Meals?

CBD has proven itself to quite a beneficial supplement in both humans and animals. For now, let us focus on its uses to us and how we can optimize its effectiveness. One of the first questions asked when it comes to CBD (and CBD oil in particular) is if it

The Medical Benefits of CBD: Real, or Just Hype?

There’s absolutely no doubt in the fact that CBD is the talk of the town at the moment and everyone’s busy studying it and its benefits. Online resources such as HerbMighty was created to fill the void for reliable and trustworthy CBD buyer's guides and reviews. The hype that you

Cooking With Cannabis: Cannabis Kitchen

You do not have to take cannabis for its "high," seeing the herb can enhance the aroma of different recipes. With more than 100 terpenes, each strain of cannabis has unique characteristics. Many chefs consider using CBD oil their recipes to create custom menus. The results of cooking with weed are pleasurable if you follow the