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The most popular Christmas cookies from around the world

Christmas has long been a time for families to get together and enjoy delicious treats. From gingerbread houses to eggnog, there are plenty of sweet holiday traditions to indulge in.  So many delicious Christmas cookies are famous worldwide, and each country has a unique recipe enjoyed during the holiday season. Here

5 Types of African Dish You Should Try Your Hand at Making

The African continent comprises several beautiful countries with hundreds of astonishing cultures. Africa provides an array of spicy, flavorful, unique, and nutritious dishes of its own kind with such rich diversity. If you are interested in making African dishes, here are five must-try cuisines you should consider making sometime in

What you need to know before buying a Convection Oven!

Convection ovens use specially designed followers in order to circulate the hot air inside the oven! This in turn results in 25 to 35 % of cooking time and temperature when compared to conventional ovens! This means that they can help you save a lot of money and time since they

Non-stick cookware may boost cholesterol Control – Reason Behind it

Cholesterol is vital for the human body. Positive if taken and appropriately maintained, and deadly if consumed too much. In fact, clogging arteries is a result of a high amount of cholesterol in bodies, which often causes a heart attack.  Nonetheless, the best news is that you can control the cholesterol

All you wanted to Know About Algerian Food

Algeria, in Northern Africa, is a cultural hotpot. Everyone, from the French to the Spaniards, Turks and Arabs, has set foot in the coastal country, and they left behind part of their culture. All these influences are better found in food. Algeria is in the Maghreb region, composed of the northern

Top 100 Must-Try Egyptian Food and Beverages


Egyptian Food & Cuisine Egypt will always be known for its pyramids, mummies, and the Great Sphinx. However, a trip to the Mediterranean country won’t and shouldn’t just be about seeing those things. What about the Egyptian food you’ll eat when you get there? You don’t have to go to Egypt in

What to eat in Morocco? Best Moroccan food & cuisine

Maroccan Tagine

1. Moroccan Tagine Moroccan tajine dishes are slow-cooked savory stews, typically made with sliced meat, poultry or fish together with vegetables or fruit.  Spices, nuts, and dried fruits are also used. Common spices include ginger, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, and saffron. Paprika and chili are used in vegetable tajines. The sweet and

Ethiopian food & cuisine – what to eat in Ethiopia?


1. Fit-fit (fir-fir) Fit-fit or fir-fir is an Eritrean and Ethiopian food typically served for breakfast. It is generally made with shredded flat bread, spiced clarified butter (called niter kibbeh in Amharic or tesmi in Tigrinya), and the hot spice berbere. There are two major varieties of fit-fit depending on the

What to eat in Nigeria? Read about Nigerian food & cuisine

Nigerian Jollof rice

Nigerian cuisine consists of dishes or food items from the hundreds of ethnic groups that comprise Nigeria. Like other West African cuisines, it uses spices and herbs with palm or groundnut oil to create deeply flavoured sauces and soups. Nigerian feasts are colourful and lavish, while aromatic market and roadside

Top 27 Egyptian Food – what to eat in Egypt?

Baba Ghanoush

27 Traditional Egyptian Food Favorites Every Visitor Has To Try Egyptian Food & Cuisine Among the centuries, Egyptian people always coming up with a food that you can't find it in any other country, or it's been taken from Egypt, to be shown in a lot of countries, which is really tasty and delicious food,