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Top Dog: 7 Best Regional American Hot Dog Styles You Need to Taste

Hot dogs are a fan-favorite among all Americans. Whether it’s at the big game, a quick snack or meal on the go, or even a focal point of your backyard barbecue, our love affair with hot dogs is an enduring one. Not surprisingly, each region of the US has a hot

Celebrating Passover – Traditional Food

Pesach is one of the most widely celebrated  Jewish holidays. A special dinner, the Seder is the most solemn ceremony of all existing in Judaism. It is held on the first and second  days of Passover. A time to reach out and reflect, relatives and those who are left alone

Great Foods to Expect On a Hawaiian Dinner Cruise

Whenever you visit a foreign land, the first thing to try your hands on is the food the place has to offer. The islands of Hawaii are no different, especially when it comes to dinner cruises. From mouth-watering desserts and soups to amazing snacks, smoothies and salads, cruises have a lot to offer according

What to eat in New York?

To visit and embrace this iconic city can be an experience of whirlwind. Along with the Statue of Liberty, yellow cabs and skyscrapers, food is a quintessential component of New York City. Its status as a cultural melting pot means you can eat your way across the globe within the confines of one city,

Top 10 Foods to Try When You’re in Mexico

Hola Amigos! Planning a trip to Mexico? Have a well thought out list of things to do, places to visit, and best shopping streets, but wondering what to eat in the spice land? If you’re not a spice person, no need to worry, this country has a lot to offer for everyone. Here

What to Eat in Miami

Cubano Sandwich

The bright Art Deco vibe that pulses through the lively cultural melting pot of Miami definitely dazzles. With sights and sounds that make this place constantly abuzz, it only makes sense that the foods here will put you on sensory overload too. Sure, you can find any cuisine imaginable in

What to Eat in New Orleans


The Big Easy is most famed for Mardi Gras, but this charming Cajun town is full of history and incredible food at every turn too. If flashing for beads and chaotic crowds aren’t really your vibe, don’t miss out on stopping in New Orleans any other time of the year

13 Jamaican Dishes You Must Try

Jerk Pork

Jamaica is a beautiful island country in the Caribbean. The third largest island there, you can actually see Cuba during the sunrise, as long as the morning mist doesn’t get in the way. A stunning place to vacation filled with beaches, mountains, and scenic waterfalls, it’s also home to some

What to eat in Cuba? Best Cuban dishes list

Cuban sandwich

The following ten traditional Cuban dishes can be tried on the Alandis Travel Cuba program cooking workshops, where you'll find out more about why each ingredient is chosen, followed by cooking and trying the food together.  1. Cuban Tamales A tamale is a traditional Mesoamerican dish made of masa or dough (starchy, and usually