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6 Reasons You Should Sleep Early

At what time do you hit the pillow? Do you sleep late in the night or early? Sleeping early is known to have many benefits. More so, if you sleep the right amount of hours for your Chrono type. If you fail to get the right quantity of sleep, you will not get the benefits of sleeping early. Get the many life-changing benefits from sleeping early. From becoming productive the next day to living a healthy and long life. Below are the reasons you should sleep early to supercharge your life. 

  1. Better sleep quality 

Not only is sleeping on a home depot mattress good for the improved quality of sleep that you get but sleeping early as well. Sleep consists of 90-minute cycles, where the brain moves from the Non-REM sleep cycle to the REM cycle. The Non-REM dominates in the early part of the night, and the REM, dominates towards the early morning hours. This matters because Non-REM sleep is more restorative and deeper than the REM sleep cycle. So, sleeping early gives you this benefit. However, in the REM sleep cycle, there are several benefits as well that you get.

  1. You have more energy 
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When you sleep well at night, you wake up with more energy and ready to face the day. Whereas when you get poor quality sleep, it results in an exhausted and sluggish feeling throughout the day. Many people wonder why this happens to them. Yet, the reason behind this is the restorative functions of the body like tissue repair, muscle growth, and growth hormones are all released when you are asleep. Therefore, what you lose when you are awake, sleep provides an opportunity for the body to restore. As a result, it is a great benefit for energy levels and a good reason to hit the pillow early. 

  1. Increases productivity 

Following a good night’s sleep will help you have high levels of productivity, memory levels, and the ability to focus mentally. Nowadays, society focuses more on how to start the day early. Thus it is wise to get to bed early as this allows you to seize the day. Plus, research shows that if you are a morning person, you hold all the important cards for you will get enough sleep and be full of energy. For instance, if you are in school, you are geared to get the best grades, get the best colleges, and eventually get better job opportunities. Hitting the pillow early helps you win at life. 

  1. Reduces the risk of diseases 
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When you sleep early, it is a preventative measure for diseases. This is because it is on par with your circadian rhythm. Studies show that people who work night shifts have a probable carcinogen that interferes with the body clock. Hence, good quality sleep helps reduce the risk of life threatening diseases like cancer. Thus, it is best to sleep early to get the quality and quantity of sleep by the time you wake up.

  1. You feel happy 

Anyone who sleeps early is likely to wake up early. Plus, it gives you a good night’s shut-eye, which is a route to happiness. When you get up early and get the exposure to sunlight, it increases the release of serotonin from the brain. This hormone is responsible for helping you feel calm and boosting your mood. If you enjoy this feeling, you can invest in a sunlight simulator for dark mornings. According to studies, sleep is rated as the key to happiness. This is close to having job security, good sex life, and the health of close relatives.

  1. Prevents accidents

Sleep has another lifesaving benefit. It is a powerful force that prevents accidents. When your brain is sleepy, it does not make the best decisions. The low levels of alertness that cause poor reaction times in a sleep-deprived person, causes accidents. Plus, many accidents are due to drowsy driving where passengers and car drivers require hospitalization. This is because a lack of adequate sleep has similar effects to alcohol intoxication. Hence, when you sleep early, you will be alert and energized. Thus, you can comfortably be safe behind the wheel.  

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