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Embracing The Game-Changing Relaxation Experience

Stress is a part of everyday life. Some people actually find they work best when they have a deadline approaching or when they have multiple tasks that must be completed at the same time. However, stress can also lead to anxiety and health issues. Many people today turn to cannabis to help relieve this stress and allow them to get things done. How can THC be of help?

Using Cannabis to Relax

Marijuana users have been saying for decades that cannabis helps them relax. However, as the substance was illegal, testing this theory served as a challenge to scientists. Today, however, with the legalization of pot in many states, scientists can now test this claim, and what they are finding surprises many people. In addition to the information presented here, a person should learn more about marijuana and how they may react when using it to ensure they remain safe when ingesting cannabis in any form.

Regular Cannaibis Use

Some scientists theorized that heavy cannabis use would make a person more anxious. To test this theory, they brought in daily cannabis users and people who did not use the drug. They subjected them to the same stressful conditions. They found that heavy cannabis users experienced less stress than those who do not partake of pot.

The heavy users remained calm throughout the experiment. People might say this was because they were high when the experiment took place, but that isn’t the case. They did not have any marijuana on the day of the study and still experienced less stress. While some might think this is because naturally relaxed people are more inclined to use marijuana, researchers feel the study results are accurate, as the experiment took place in a controlled setting.

Will This Work for Everyone?

As with any drug, the effects of marijuana vary by the user. While some people find THC calms them, other people find its use makes them anxious. One thing that may play a role in how a person reacts is their anxiety level prior to using cannabis. The same person might have different experiences based on their stress level when they ingested the marijuana. Other factors also play a role in how a person reacts.

The type of cannabis affects a person’s reaction to it. Some strains are high in THC, while other strains are predominately CBD. Some people say THC calms them, and other people find they are calmer when they pick a strain high in CBD.

The amount used also plays a role in how a person reacts to cannabis. Some men and women need a high dose to feel relaxed. However, most individuals find their stress decreases when they use only a small amount.

Furthermore, how a person takes marijuana into the body impacts how it affects them. Smoke or vape the marijuana and the effects are seen rapidly. Consume marijuana in edible form and the effects won’t be felt for 45 minutes or more.

Other factors also play a role in whether a person feels calm when using cannabis. Age is another factor that helps determine the effects, and a person who uses cannabis regularly might need more of this substance to feel calm. Every person is unique, so their response to cannabis will also be unique. Keep this in mind when trying this substance to combat anxiety and stress. Those who try different strains often find there is one that will provide the relief they desire.