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How Long Does Rice Take in a Rice Cooker?

Using a rice cooker is a very convenient and serviceable home essential. If you eat rice regularly, a rice cooker with a warm function can save you from everyday hassles. 

The most typical question about a rice cooker is how long they take to cook rice? Rice types and water amount are the determining factors. Rice cookers take about 15 minutes to cook one cup of the regular long, medium, as well as short-grain rice.

The cooking time for one cup of parboiled rice is typically 20 to 25 minutes. At the same time, the cooking time for one cup of whole-grain rice generally is 40 to 45 minutes, and 50 for brown rice.

What Is a Rice Cooker? Why Should You Use Them?

Rice cookers or rice steamers are electrically powered appliances used to steam or boil rice. In addition to the heat source, the cooking bowl and thermostat are also included in a rice cooker. 

A rice cooker cooked rice inside the pot until the rice soaked all the water and became tender. It works automatically and frees up you to do the other tasks. To cook rice at home using a rice cooker is convenient. 

It can offer the most fluffy sticky rice that you can complete with simple curry. With a rice cooker, you don’t need to watch your rice cook for over an hour. With a stainless steel inner pot rice cooker, you just have to set the timer and forget about it, and it’ll do the rest.

How Long Does Rice Take in a Rice Cooker?

Cooking time actually varies by the type and amount of rice and water you take. It also depends on the rice cooker model. In most cases, a sensor is integrated into most rice cookers, so they can turn off automatically when the rice is done. 

Actually, the cook doesn’t understand if the rice is cooked. It just observes if the water is absorbed totally or not. When the sensor feels that the water is absorbed completely, it turns off. 

A cup of white rice will take around ten minutes in a pot-style rice cooker. And the time will be the same when you use a cool touch rice cooker.

On the other hand, cooking one cup of brown rice will take 20 minutes in the pot-style rice cooker. But if you have a cool-touch rice cooker, it’ll take almost 60 minutes to cook.  

Using a rice cooker, short, medium, or even long-grain rice will take 15 minutes. As brown rice contains some bran and starch, it takes a longer time to cook in comparison with white rice. 

Brown rice takes around 20 minutes in the pot-style rice cooker, and the ratio of one cup of brown rice will need one and a half cups of water. In a cool touch rice cooker, this rice will take 60 minutes to cook.

Rice Cooker Cooking Time

View the tables below to understand the general times of the rice cooker. Here we show two different time tables for different types of rice. 

Your rice cooker will automatically turn off when the water is totally absorbed. Then it’ll turn to the warm mode, which will indicate that your rice cooking is finished. 

Check the time table here- 

  • Time Table For White Rice

Here’s the time table of a pot-style rice cooker for cooking white rice- 

White Rice Water LevelCooking Time (Min)
1 Cup1 ½ Cup10-12 Minutes
2 Cups2 ½ Cup20-25 Minutes
3 Cups3 ½ Cup30-35 Minutes
4 Cups4 ½ Cup40-45 Minutes
5 Cups5 ½ Cup50-55 Minutes
  • Time Table For Brown Rice

Here’s the time table for the pot-style rice cooker for brown rice- 

Brown Rice Water LevelCooking Time (Min)
1 Cup1 ½ Cup25 Minutes
2 Cups3 Cups35 Minutes
3 Cups4 ½ Cups50 Minutes
4 Cups6 Cups60-70 Minutes
5 Cups7 ½ Cups70-75 Minutes

How Does Rinsing Rice Affect Rice Cooker Performance?

For the fluffiest rice, you have to rinse the rice before you cook it. It’ll give you a great texture when you put them in the rice cooker after rinsing them in water. With this, you remove an excess scratch from the rice, which gives them a consistent texture. 

Rice cookers are designed to prevent boil over. Rinsing rice or other grains will allow them to remove the dirt they bring from the manufacturing process. 

The best thing about rinsing grains is it’s a good practice. On the other hand, some kinds of rice don’t require rinsing. So, before doing this, recheck the packages that come with the rice.

How Does the Ratio of Water Affect Cooking in a Rice Cooker?

Rice cookers produce perfect rice based on the water to rice ratio. Different types of rice have different water ratios. This means you have to check before cooking what rice you’re cooking. Recheck the packages before you put water on the rice.

Wrapping Up

In the end, we can say that, on average, a cup of white rice will need approximately 10 minutes to cook. On average, it’ll take 33 minutes for three cups of white rice. It’ll cost 25 minutes for one cup of brown rice. When you put three cups of brown rice, it’ll take up to 50 minutes to cook. 

Several factors cause the timetables to be effective. They are rice cooker brands, brands of rice, the amount of water you put in. This also depends on if you have soaked the rice before you put this in the rice cooker.