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Food items that you should probably try on a weekday

Weekends are your day of relaxation mostly after a busy week of work. Weekdays are mostly full of days where you are slogging your way through at work and simply waiting to go home and rest. You wake up the next for the same old routine and your ultimate solace would be the days after Friday. Weekends are the days where you break the normal routine and do something new or simply something that makes you happy. Well for foodies this article would be just the thing to read because we are about to discuss a few food items that should probably have right before or during the weekends instead of between the weekdays.

Liquor Chocolates

Who doesn’t enjoy those liquor chocolates that just burst in your mouth and melt with the perfect balance of sweet chocolate and liquor? People love popping them every now and then but some strong ones can easily give you a hangover the next day especially if you sleep without eating proper food. Having a normal one on a weekday is fine but if you wanna have more then you best choose the weekend for such stunts so that your work routine stays undisrupted.

Sea-food new to you

A lot of people stay wary of seafood and many avoid it altogether. Fish can sometimes have a nasty reaction for some people. You can easily get food poisoning if you have undercooked fish or some other seafood. Things like oysters and shellfish are especially known to give you a very bad case of poisoning if not cooked properly. So if you’re new to seafood and you do not know what suits you and what not then it’s best to give it a shot on a Friday or Saturday. Trying this out on Sunday can also land you in trouble on Monday.

Marijuana Edibles

Since edibles kick in much more potent than marijuana, you smoke. So try to avoid the busy weekdays for this food item. In fact, they are the best option to satisfy your taste. You’ll get a variety of flavors if you choose marijuana gummy bears for your weekend fun. However, if you decide to have a few, make sure that you start slow and gradually increase the quantity. Doing so will allow you to avoid sudden euphoric moments. 

Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms aren’t the mushrooms that you would find in your local grocery store. These magic mushrooms pack a powerful punch of psilocybin which is a strong naturally occurring hallucinogen. These arouse psychoactive effects in the body that last for quite a few hours, till the mushrooms have been digested in your system. These might be great for the weekend due to their therapeutic and cathartic benefits, but it is highly recommended not to take them if you have a long and busy day ahead of you.

If you wish to experiment with such food, it is well-advised to try these when you have a holiday the next day and nothing else to do.