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Stone Baked Pizzas are the Perfect Choice for These Events 

Planning an event such as a wedding, birthday, or anniversary celebration can be stressful. Everything from decorations to entertainment and food must be planned to ensure that your soiree is a smashing success.

  1. What to eat?

A central theme of many gatherings centres around food. How does one cater to individual tastes and preferences while feeding a crowd? Have you considered one of the most decadent, delicious, and convenient food on the planet?

  1. Pizza: The Perfect Party Food

Pizza is one of the most widely enjoyed foods by large crowds. A host of wonderful options awaits the savvy party planner who features stone-baked pizzas at their next event. With nearly 3 billion pies being consumed each year in the U.S. alone, the perfect pie is the perfect addition to any occasion.

Of course there are so many toppings to chose from when it comes to customizable pizza, this means something for everyone. Helps out with fussy eaters and those that want a bit of variety just the same. Toppings can include meat which is easily separated from vegetarian options, so the pepperoni lovers out there can be just as easily pleased as the vegetarians. 

Vegan pizza is also an option and whilst pizza is often not associated that closely to veganism due to the primary ingredient of cheese, there are options when it comes to those wishing to have only plant based ingredients. A tomato only based pizza can be easily served up, whilst plant based cheese alternatives are not very easily available from most catering companies. 

  1. Birthdays

Birthdays are joyous celebrations where friends and family gather to commemorate a cherished loved one. What better way to cater to a multitude of different tastes and flavour preferences than with a versatile base of delicious crust adorned with customizable toppings? Young and old alike will savour each flavour and perhaps try a few new slices as they are offered. Your savvy food combos will be the talk of the town.

  1. Wedding Catering

Stone-baked pizzas are a wonderfully versatile food, offering both down-home simplicity and austere elegance, depending on how they are presented. Take your wedding reception food to the next level of uniqueness by offering upscale flavours and beautiful presentations, allowing guests to enjoy delicious food. No need to worry about large crowds; a little goes a long way when serving savoury slices to the masses, opt for pizzas catered at your wedding to save money as well as satisfy your guests. 

Whilst wedding catering transitionally may not include pizzas there are a number of options when it comes to having pizzas served at your wedding. You can opt for having pizzas for the evening food after everyone has tucked into their grand wedding breakfast meal or you can consider pizzas as the main dish. When we talk pizzas at weddings we are not talking about the pizzas you accosiate with takeaways but instead gourmet pizzas options including courgette, rocket and olive oil or tomato and mozzarella and balsamic dressing. 

Wedding pizza can also be accompanied by a selection of canopies and also followed by some more traditional wedding deserts, or you could even get your caterer to provide special dessert pizzas with Nutella filling!

  1. Family Reunions

Relive childhood memories and family moments over hot, fresh pizza at your family reunion. All guests should find something to satisfy both appetite and taste preferences with a serve-it-yourself pizza bar that will satiate the entire brood for as long as team games and conversation last.

  1. Graduations

Who wants a cost-effective way to feed hundreds of hungry teens? If you’ve ever hosted a graduation party, you likely know the stress of feeding large crowds of people who are coming and going from the food table. Setting up a stone-baked pizza buffet with several flavour combinations will give you a virtually hands-free food operation that allows you to hobnob with guests and direct the flow of teen traffic at your event.

  1. Place an order for your next event!

No matter what your next event, consider adding delicious stone-baked pizzas catered by Hot Stones Pizzas in order to feed your hungry crowd. Mouthwatering combinations of tastes, flavours, and savoury/sweet goodness await both you and your guests that will delight and satisfy all.