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Top 10 ways to make your dishes healthier

To lead a healthier life we need to look into our cooking habits. Do you wish to cook some healthy food to console the enticing taste buds of your family members’? Cooking is one of the most interesting and destressing activities that you can do to enjoy a lovely living. Never fear the fact that how will it taste? Whether they will like it or not? Cooking is an art of exploring what you like and what you want people to taste on this morning.  Having some good recipes for healthy cooking in hand which you love to explore is a part and parcel of everyday living.  If you are willing to make the dishes a little healthier than the usual days then you need to follow certain guidelines. 

While making the best dish, there are certain things you should never compromise on. It is the intact level of vitamins, minerals, fat, calories, salt and increase in the fibre. This if maintained will not only keep your body and mind better but chances of falling sick will also be less.

1.       Cut  down on the fats

If you are frying some foods, try to use non-stick cookware to keep the oil intake much less than it is desired. By leaving out the oil, especially the food like mincemeat, could build up the calories up-to 45 per teaspoon. If the food seems to be little dry, you can try it out without oil by adding some water and boiling it.  

2.       Cut done the excess of salt

Many of the recipes can be tried out without adding salt.  You can replace salt with seasonal pepper, spices, lemon juice and herbs. Vinegar is a good option above all. Salt makes up the taste in your food, by simply adding less will keep the flavours intact. Try not to have raw salt with food or rice.

3.       Cut down the intact  of sugar

Experimenting with diversified recipes by cutting down sugar will create no alternative. Try to use honey to add the exact taste and an authentic flavour to your food. Some recipes have fruit in them like the scones, fruit cakes and many more; you do not need to add any extra sugar to provide sweetness.

4.       Increase in Fibre

Instead of using the pasta, or rice, or bread, you can opt for the brown alternatives to enjoy the sweetness overall. If you learn some recipes using brown rice this will keep the strength of the body intact and make your body much better. These recipes are required to be topped with pastry, such as chicken piece, even using mashed potatoes can also be of great use.

5.       Soup and Stews

While making the soups, the broths, the stews try and allow it to cool so that you do not have it hot to gain in more fat. By replacing the fatty meat it means that strews with the pulses or peas, or lentils or even the beans need to be maintained as per the calorie intake.

6.       Sauces

Cutting down the majority of unnecessary use of sauces from your diet will keep the food healthy.  Replacing it will cream and milk or yoghurt will make your dessert taste much tastier like never before.

7.       Cheese

It is hardly believed that cheese adds extravagant taste to your food, but having this strong flavour always in not at all good for health as it adds a lot of calories to your body. Still, if you wish to use cheese in your favourite dish try to grate and use it rather than using slice.

8.       Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is of the most amazingly tasted salad tastemaker, if you can replace it with natural yoghurt or fat fromage frais then use it. Having vinaigrette dressings on salads taste amazing! Do not use mayonnaise and butter both at the same time.

9.       VegetablesHealthy 

Using various seasonal vegetables is extremely good for health.  Cooker, boiled vegetables using olive oil or butter makes it taste yummy. You can try out vegetable curry and make other chicken curries with vegetables.

10.   Meat

Having a proper amount of fat meat is required to maintain a good diet.  For healthy cooking, you need to roast or boil or grill the mince or meat for a perfect diet and healthy food.

Using these tips for healthy cooking will make your food tastier with a healthy stay. Enjoy it today!