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Treat Your Teeth: 5 Surprising Foods That Promote Oral Health

Your oral health is an important part of maintaining your overall health. There are some foods that are better for your oral health than others. Here are five of the more surprising foods that can promote your oral health. 


The bacteria that’s found in yogurt can work to prevent tooth decay. This is because the healthy bacteria outcompete the harmful bacteria that exist in your mouth. Your gums and teeth are healthier for it and it can work to reduce the amount of bad breath that you experience. This is in part due to less hydrogen sulfide being present in your mouth, which is what contributes to you having bad breath. 


You may have heard the old saying that an apple a day will keep  the Dentist in Manchester away. The reasoning behind this saying is that an apple has less sugar than other types of fruit because it’s mostly comprised of fiber. Eating an apple helps to promote gum health because of the saliva production that occurs while you’re chewing the apple. This helps to wash away some of the harmful bacteria from your mouth. 

A strawberry contains high levels of malic acid, which is a natural tooth whitener. It doesn’t provide the same level of whitening that you’ll get if you visit a cosmetic dentist, but there are other reasons that strawberries are good for your oral health. Another benefit of strawberries is that they have a lot of vitamin C in them. This helps in promoting healthy gums. 

Sesame Seeds 
The action of the sesame seed is that it can help to remove some of the plaque that’s stuck on your teeth because of the hard, edible shell. Another benefit of sesame seeds are that they’re high in calcium. This helps to keep your teeth healthy over the long-term. Calcium is important when it comes to your bone health as well. 

Most of the benefit that can be observed with an onion is if you eat it raw. This is because of the sulfur components that are contained in it, the same which cause you to have bad breath after eating onions. The sulfur itself destroys the harmful bacteria in your mouth, which can lead to healthier teeth. 

There are other foods that you may find surprising when it comes to being good for your oral health. Making healthy choices when it comes to your eating habits is another way that you can promote good oral health. Consider the benefits of these foods the next time that you want to have a snack.