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Best Healthy Cocktails for Students

There’s nothing like a cold, low-calorie cocktail to help you cool down on a hot spring day after the exhausting exam season. We all know how studying can squeeze you out like a lemon. Luckily, these days it is so easy to get help from experts to reduce the stress from all homework on websites like studycrumb and studybounty. While the professionals are working on bringing you good grades, take a break with the following cocktails without worrying about gaining weight, as they are all less than 200 calories!

Watermelon Cocktail

There are just three ingredients in this refreshing and light drink: pure watermelon and squeezed lime, and your preferred soda. It’s only 100 calories, but so perfect for a hot summer day.

Skinny Blueberry Spritzer

With such a sweet and fruity flavor, you may be shocked to know that this spritzer has just 117 calories. To keep it low, make your own with only blueberry juice and freshly squeezed lime juice. 

Celery Cocktail

It’s the kind of drink you’d get at the wellness-spa. If you’re at a lodge that serves cocktails, it’s usually one of them. These drinks are made with lime and celery. The drink can reduce calories to only 135 calories for a glass.

Lime Margarita

It’s not difficult to tell that margarita mixers purchased from the stores are extremely sweet with sugar and are loaded with calories. This summer, stay clear of the bottles and mix your drink using fresh lime juice and fresh orange juice. The margarita’s calories will be cut from 450 calories to around 90 calories!

Raspberry Lemonade

All you’ll need to create the 90-calorie cocktail is a glass of your favorite lemonade and one or two ounces of raspberry juice. It’s a simple and delicious drink to prepare.

Raspberry Mint Mojitos

It’s a must-try for anyone. It’s impossible to drink just one glass of this refreshing and delicious drink. However, that’s okay since it’s only 115 calories.

Orange Crush

Whatever recipes you’re following, it’s challenging to make the perfect Crush with the juices out of boxes. It’s not surprising that this thin version is made with freshly squeezed oranges. Combine triple sec with seltzer to give it fizz. You’ll end up with a sweet and refreshing drink that’s only 105 calories and packed with vitamin C.

Skinnygirl Cucumber Refresher

If you consume alcohol that is lower in calories, like this recipe, you will quickly save time at the gym. Mix soft drinks that are low in calories with fresh and aromatic herbs like basil and mint, and the addition of lime juice and agave nectar(to substitute sugar). The calories are only 85 for this drink!

Lemon Martini

Martinis are often relatively high in calories. But it’s not the case with this martini. While it’s equally sweet and tart as lemonade, the soda-based martini contains 112 calories. Squeeze one large lemon, then mix the juice with soda. Add the agave syrup to sweeten it, and you’re ready to go!

Now you are all set to relax with your friends, while professionals are taking care of your homework!