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Bubble tea – China great beverage that you should try

Through thousands of years of history and civilization, to pursue the footprint of a cup of bubble tea.

Tibetan bubble tea

Legend has it that the first person to mix tea and bubble is the Tang Dynasty Princess Wencheng.

Yes, the princess who was sent to Tubo and his relatives by Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty, Queen Songzan Ganbu.

The Chinese Tea Classic records such a small story:

When Princess Wencheng first arrived in Tibet, she was not used to the daily diet of beef and mutton. One morning, when the maidservant brought the beef and mutton again, she frowned tightly. She could not eat it, and her stomach was uncomfortable. So she came up with a way to drink half a cup of bubble and then half a cup of tea, which made her stomach feel better. Later, tea and bubble were directly mixed together, adding butter, salt and pine nuts, which was the predecessor of butter tea. To enjoy a nice tea in bubble tea kiosk in mall will be a great experience.

Tibetan butter tea is usually boiled in a pot. After boiling the water, it is crushed with a knife and boiled in boiling water. After half an hour, the tea is filtered out and put in a teapot.

At the same time, the other spoon boiled bubble in a pot until a layer of butter condensed on the surface, then poured it into a teapot containing tea soup, and put a proper amount of salt and sugar on it. At this time, cover the teapot, hold the upright teapot with your hands and move up and down, constantly urging beating. When the tea butter, salt and sugar melt into one, the butter tea will be ready.

Up to now, it is still a unique custom of Tibetan compatriots to come to worship buttered tea.

Inner Mongolia bubble Tea

bubble tea is called “Wugutaicuo” in Mongolian. This bubble tea is made from boiled black tea and fresh bubble.

According to historical records, Mongolian tea drinking originated from the Ming Dynasty. The Mongolian people drink salty bubble tea. They often use green brick tea and black brick tea. They cook it in an iron pot, and then add fresh bubble of cows and sheep.

Every morning, the housewives first boil a pot of salty bubble tea for the whole family to drink for a whole day. In the morning, while drinking hot bubble tea, while eating fried rice. After the morning tea, warm the rest of the salted bubble tea on a light fire so that you can pick it up on demand. Therefore, Mongolian women have been trained to cook tea since childhood. On the day of being a bride, she will show her hand to relatives and friends.

Hong Kong-style bubble tea

Hong Kong-style bubble tea is a mixture of Chinese and Western culture, high-end and ordinary people, power and wandering, busy and leisure. It is the unique characteristic culture of Hong Kong and has been listed as intangible cultural heritage by the Hong Kong government.

English people learn to drink tea from China, but the drinking method is unique. They like to add sugar and bubble. After it is introduced into Hong Kong, bubble tea is generally called Western tea, which is different from the traditional drinking method of “Tang tea”.

British bubble tea, because of its light taste, is not liked by Hong Kong people, so the owner of a tea restaurant has the ingenuity to develop Hong Kong-style bubble tea on the basis of British bubble tea.

Silk stockings bubble tea is the most popular kind of afternoon tea. The cooked Ceylon black tea is first filtered with nylon mesh and then added with bubble and sugar. The authentic Hong Kong-style bubble tea is usually made of black and white brand full-fat light bubble and sugar.

It is said that when it was first invented, it was really filtered with stockings, and later it was changed to a special white cloth bag.

After its introduction into Taiwan, Taiwanese people joined pearls, commonly known as pink balls, to form pearl bubble tea, which has been popular for many years.

UNIQUE Tea bubble Tea

UNIQUE Tea bubble Tea has a strong fragrance accompanied by granules, which is so smooth that we can never forget it. UNIQUE Tea has created a new tea drinking mode, aiming at health and ready-made. It integrates mellow bubble and classical tea ceremony brewing techniques with a certain proportion into each cup of tea. You can choose a variety of flavors, either glycol or sweet, or strong or bitter, to perfectly interpret the cultural connotation and essence of bubble tea.

Tibetan bubble tea and Mongolian bubble tea bear the heavy history and culture of Chinese civilization. Hong Kong bubble tea and Taiwan bubble tea are the condiments of modern civilization and human life. UNIQUE tea is the nutrient of the younger generation, breaking the boundaries of tea drinking and creating a new era of bubble tea.

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Maybe because of  the rain. I especially want to drink bubble tea today

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