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Three Cultural Staples that have Won Over the American Market

Tacos al Pastor

America has long been known as a melting-pot of sorts, bringing together citizens of all backgrounds to create a diverse and interesting society. And if there’s one thing we love in our country, no matter the backgrounds we come from, its food. One of the great things about America is that it has become

Marine Snacks Are A Hot New North American Food Trend

Near the end of 2018, Whole Foods came out with a list of food trend predictions for 2019, and marine snacks were on the list. When it comes to marine snacks, most of us think of dried seaweed, but there are plenty of other marine munchies to indulge in, including kelp noodles,

Get Ready for Your Next Adventure with the Best Camping Food!

When summer rolls around, sleeping bags unroll, tents are pitched and the campouts under the starry night begin. Camping is one of the best summer pastimes, one that countless Americans embark on with the kids or with friends to reconnect. Camping helps us escape from the confines of technology and remember how to have fun

Best electric skillet in 2019

Electric skillets come in handy for various purposes from warming to grilling and sauteing to frying. Every buyer has their personal preferences and hence the best electric skillet is the one that fits your needs. Not every electric skillet have same features, some may differ based on the price of it. The more the

A Few Ramadan Recipes You Must Try This Ramadan

In the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is contemplated Holy and all the Muslims fast throughout this month. Ramadan also has a great impact on different Muslim cultures. In a lot of countries, individuals make arrangements for praying together and listening to the Holy Book “Quran” being recited throughout the prayers. Special food is also prepared

Is buying online cheaper than traditional shopping?

Fortunately, the times when customers did not have no other alternatives to choose from are now long gone. Traditional trade, since the dawn of various cultures and civilisations, would seem to hold a strong position in the foundations of commodity exchange. For hundreds of years, it was the customers who travelled to the shop, alternatively

Tips on Preparing a Flavorful Indian Dish

Have you decided that you would like to make a delicious Indian meal that is sure to impress those who will get to taste it? If you have figured out what you are going to serve and you have already gone shopping to get the different ingredients that you are going to need

The 6 Most Expensive Foods on Earth

Do you know what happens when you combine premium ingredients and master chefs? The world’s most expensive foods for possibly the richest celebrities, politicians or other VIPs. Let’s have a look at some of the steepest costing and richest tasting meals the world that yearns for: 1.  Golden Opulence Sundae Price: $1000 The Golden Opulence Sundae is a