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Egyptian Food: Kushari


Every country has some typical food that makes tourists all around the world want to taste it. In the case of Egypt, it has many. One of them is Kushari, one of the national dishes of the country. Kushari was originally made by the Indians. In other parts of the Middle East, it has other names and may also have some variation in ingredients.

It’s an unusual combination of macaroni, rice, lentils with a special mixture of fried onions and garbanzo beans common in the Middle East made with a spicy tomato sauce. Kushari has an overall spicy taste, although it is vegetarian food, it has a packed flavor due to the many ingredients it has. It is made by cooking the three main ingredients separately:

  • Lentils
  • Rice
  • Pasta

Then all this combined along with the other ingredients, the tomato sauce and fried onions. It is a very healthy dish served in most restaurants of Egypt.

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