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How to take care of your eyelashes

Long, thick and strong eyelashes make women look charming. How to strengthen them and make them look better?

Eyelashes need care just like hair or skin. With time they get more and more brittle and fragile, and it is not only because of natural aging process. It is your wrong habits which have a negative impact on the looks and health of your eyelashes, such as applying a thick layer of mascara everyday or wrong make-up removal. Also beauty treatments, such as hair lengthening and thickening, also bring undesired effects.

<br>How to take care of your eyelashes?<br>

If you take care of your eyelashes, you will surely be satisfied. Invest in a good conditioner and use it on a regular basis. You will see early results after a few weeks.

Eyelashes-care products

Are you looking for a reliable eyelashes-care product? Castor oil used to provide care serves to regenerate and unite hair, rebuilds its structure, makes it look darker and thicker. The only issue is its watery consistency: it often streams down and irritates conjunctivas. This is why you should choose special conditioners. They have conditioning properties, nourish hair and stimulate its growth. Such preparations contain the following substances which have a positive influence on eyelashes and hair follicles:

  • hyaluronic acid (moisturizing properties),
  • glycoproteins (they stimulate hair follicles to grow),
  • biotin and vitamin B12 (anti-fall properties),
  • nanopeptides (boost and prolong eyelash growth),
  • panthenol (makes eyelashes flexible and renews their structure),
  • plant extracts (contain anti-oxidants, have moisturizing and regenerating properties).

High-class products

Another effective care product is conditioners which contain substances used in ophthalmology. Scientific research has demonstrated side effects of using them, that is intensive eyelash growth accompanied by anti-fall processes. This kind of preparations let you lengthen and thicken eyelashes, yet they are a way more expensive than ordinary conditioners. Find affordable eyelash growth serum by clicking here.

Eyelash conditioner: how to use it?

If you want to assure noticeable results, use the conditioner regularly and for a long time. Before you use it, read the attached leaflet or recommendations on the packaging. There are two main groups of eyelash conditioners: night and day conditioners. A failure to follow manufacturer’s recommendations may entail serious consequences.

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