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Nutrition Expert Recommends It to Eat Before an Exam

When preparing for an exam, there are some certain foods and drinksyou can consumethat can help you stay focused during an exam. Additionally, these foods are good for your health. Also, they can act as determinants in your performance. Hence, you need to wary or cautious of what you consume before an exam. There are some papers you can sit for,and they may take long hours. Thus, you need to be comfortable and ready for theexam despite the amount of time it will take. Tips prepared by will help you to choose right food.

Not many students can endure a long exam. Nutrition expertsemphasize the essence of embracing healthy eating habits,especially during exams. They state that the right choice of foods and drinks will augment your focus, energize your system, and sustain you during the whole exam period. So, you need to know what to eat before an exam. When you have to write essay, scholarship paper, entrance paper, research paper, speech. It’s all demand constant focus.


Some students tend to skip meals when they are tense or nervous. These make them not work efficiently as they do not have enough energy. It is crucial that you make an attempt and consume something albeit your nervousness. Not only will it give you the strength to study and stay productive during the day but also keep your mental focus in check.You will focus on your exams and aim at performing well. If you do not want to have stomach food, you can have a smoothie as a breakfast brain food for exams. But, you need to ensure it is good for your health.

Brain-boosting food

Brain-boosting foods, as the name suggests, are foods which can help you stay alert and focused. Theyincludeyoghurt, nuts, cottage cheese, and eggs. You can have porridge, oatmeal, cerealswith low-fat milk, or eggs for breakfast. Fish, dried fruits, sunflower seeds, prunes, walnuts, and blueberries also fall under the list of brain food for exams. Additionally, you can have fruits such as oranges, bananas, and strawberries, or vegetables such as spinach, raw carrots, broccoli, and sprouts. These are good foods for the brain as they help fuel it andcan help you thinkfast and remember things with ease.

How to avoid brain blocking foods

When the exam day approaches, ensure you stay away from brain blocking foods such as muffins and cookies. These foods require more time and energy for digestion. Additionally, you need to avoid chocolates and candies. They contain high levels of refined sugar which is not good for your health. Avoid a combination of protein and starch foods. Digesting the mixture can be stressful.Carbohydrates are goodbrain foods for exams. They help you feel less nervous andrelaxed during the exam preparation period. However, do not consume carbs during the exam period. Carbohydrates such as potatoes or rice when eaten in large quantitiescan make you feel sleepy.

What water brain does not like?

Drinks such as alcohol are not good for you during an exam.It is evident that you will not perform well when drunk as you will have headaches or feel nauseous. Thus, you need to avoid drinking alcohol at all costs during the exam period. Additionally, you need to avoid sugary colas and sodas. Drink coffee or tea instead when getting ready to do an exam. But, do not have a lot of coffee. Get something healthy to eat along with your coffee. Also, do not take tea with a lot of sugar. It can easily make you feel dehydrated. Drinking water can also help in that your body stays hydrated for a while.

Easy meal

You do not need to eat to your fill before an exam. Eating to your fill can make you feel heavy hence invite sleep. Your focus will not be on doing well on your paper but rather getting some rest. Your body energy needs to be devotedto helping you stay focused during an exam instead of digesting the meal you have had. Try easy meals which will help improve your alertness. You can try a banana before an exam. It is not difficult to digest,and it can help you concentrate on doing well on your exams.

What about new meal

The body can adjust quickly to any changes you make to it. And, these can have positive or negative effects on you. You do not need to try out new meals during the exam period. Your body might not respond well to them,and this can affect your concentration and performance negatively. Your family, relatives, or friends may decide to prepare something special for you. You do not have to take those meals if your body is not accustomed to them. Gove your body what it is used to.


Many college students rarely consume a balanced diet. They either do not want to cook or are too occupied with school activities. Hence, they opt to consume unhealthy meals such as junk foods, coffee, and pizzas. The body thus lacks vitamins and minerals which help it function properly. You need to eat healthyfoods to concentrate and allow your body tooperate efficiently and have the ability to handle stressful situations.



Some institutions grant students a short break during long exams. When in such a school, you can bring along brain food snacks for examswith you. For instance, walnuts or protein bars. These will help keep your energy levels high. Refrain from consuming chocolates and candies.

In conclusion, eating healthily during an exam will help you concentrate and aim at performing wellon your exam. You need to be cautious and know thefoods to eat when studying for exams. These will determine your performance.