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5 Reasons why you’ll never regret adding acai bowls To Your Diet

Acai Bowls trend might not have have been here long but it has been around long enough to create a presence and the trend is still standing strong. Food trends come and go and similar to any other trends some are remembered while others are forgotten.

Acai Bowls is a trend that has garnered the attention of numerous foodies. Acai bowls are basically smoothies served in a bowl. You eat it with a spoon rather than sipping it through a straw. You will need a powerful blender to make an acai bowl. The best blender for acai bowls will make it smooth and free from lumps.


Even if you have become addicted to Acai bowls and the tantalizing flavors won’t just let you stay away from it there’s no need to worry. The main ingredients of these bowls are acai berries. These berries are known to have various benefits. We’ll talk about 5 of the benefits that are central to the acai bowls.

1. High Antioxidant content:

Absence or deficiency of antioxidants can lead to various diseases. Diseases such as cancer, heart, and diabetes.

They work so well in fighting against any diseases is because of the effect these antioxidants have on the free radicals. Antioxidants neutralize these free radicals thereby stopping them from damaging our body.

So, it’s a good thing that acai berries have loads of antioxidants in it. It antioxidant absorbance capacity of both acai pulp and acai blend have been measured and both of which is high compared to various other foods such as blueberries.

The toxins that are accumulated in our body by various are harmful acai’s high antioxidant content takes care of them. They repair any oxidative damaged that has been caused by these toxins and keep us healthy.

2. Prevention Against Diseases:

We have already seen how the high antioxidant content of acai has proven to be beneficial to us in terms of keeping the diseases at bay. It repairs our body.

High levels of cholesterol have never meant good for anyone. The higher the levels the more danger the person is in. The danger pointed towards their heart. As many heart conditions have been known to originate due to high cholesterol levels. Acai has a certain element known as anthocyanins play a huge role in reducing both the bad cholesterol level as well as the total cholesterol level.

A study conducted on a finite group of individuals backs this conclusion. So, acai bowls are likely to be good for your health.

3. Nutrient Rich Food:

Fiber, Vitamin, Calcium, Calories, Sugar, Carbohydrates, all of these are found in a certain amount in the acai that is used to prepare these acai bowls.

But let’s not stop there, let’s talk about its mineral content. Magnesium, potassium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, and Phosphorus. We know the importance of a balanced diet. Acai bowls have shown to have high-fat content and low sugar content.

Apart from the benefits of all these nutrients acai also presents us with various benefits that are obtained from its plant compound. The anthocyanin pigment we have seen earlier is one plant compound. This compound acts as antioxidants in our body.

You must have noticed how each of these benefits backs the other and how intertwined they are.

4. Improvement in Brain Function:

Oxidation damage is our body’s major adversary. Let it be brain or other body organs or systems. It has a terrible effect on us which not only makes us weak in body but weak in spirit as we age.

The plant compound, as well as antioxidants, ensure that this damage does not happen. It saves our body from this kind of damages and works on repairing any damage caused by improving our memory and it even acts as a preventive measure against brain damage caused due to aging.

Some of these facts can be backed by studies and research done on people as well as rats. We can already see the massive potential and benefits of acai brought forth by these studies.

5. Possible Cancer Prevention:

After so much advancement in Science, we are yet to find a cure for cancer. Chemotherapy and remission are what the cancer patients usually tie there hopes to and these miracles do work for most of them. We can see how hard it is to battle cancer and how unpredictable it is.

What we can do is try to prevent it from ever happening to us. So, what we will do is take measures against it ever inhibiting our body. Acai is one of the many measures that might lower the risk of cancer.

No human studies have been done but the acai has been known to reduce the bladder and colon cancer in mice but at the same time, it had no effect on stomach cancer in mice.

Let’s not forget that acai is not the only ingredient used to prepare these food bowls. Various other ingredients such as fruits and vegetables are used in the acai bowls are just as nutrient-rich and have their own benefits as well.

So, if these 5 reasons are not enough to keep you from removing acai bowls from your diet then think about the possibilities, of the benefit these other ingredients would provide you with. But we are pretty sure that these 5 will change your mind if you ever had doubts regarding acai bowls.

So, in short, the reason acai bowls are not just trendy delicious food but literally food for your heart is its high antioxidant content and the various plant compound that has a positive effect on our body.