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Is SodaStream a Healthy Alternative to Soda?

Drinking soda is a culture that has been with us ever since the introduction of soft drinks, and it’s a food culture that is not slowing down any time soon. Soft drinks have taken the market by storm over the last few years and are favorite drinks among many individuals in the glove. We have soft drink companies like Pepsi and Coca Cola that have taken the world by storm and are making millions worldwide because of the market they get. Soft drinks have over the years received a lot of lashing from nutritionists and health experts as being dangerous drinks that cause a lot of health conditions. The main reason for this is because of the high concentration of preservatives and sugars that these drinks contain. All these are known to create a lot of damage to your health and overall well-being.

Calorie intake

Sodas are one of the soft drinks that have the highest concentration of calories when taken in one sitting. Surveys show that almost half of the American citizens drink soda daily which is a relatively high number for people trying to live healthily. It is not surprising that more and more Americans are having problems with gaining weight and obesity because of the number of sodas that they drink daily. Sodas have sweeteners and chemicals added to it that make it tastier but at the same time more hazardous to your health. It is natural for people to try and come up with new ways to still enjoy soda but maintain a healthy lifestyle. This marks the birth of SodaStream.

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SodaStream is part of the home soda brewing system that is increasingly gaining traction in the United States. Many companies and organizations are striving to create homemade sodas that are eco-friendly and also good for your health. There are many claims that have been put out there that SodaStream is a healthier option as compared to your normal sodas. The main reason for this is because SodaStream uses regular sugar which is termed to be healthier.

On the other hand, other normal sodas use high fructose corn syrup that is a higher sugar concentration which is not good for your health at all. The claims however about SodaStream being good for your health are not factual. While SodaStream may be eco-friendly, it is not anywhere close to being a healthy alternative to soda.

SodaStream may have lower calorie totals, but you may find yourself drinking more of the substance which adds up the calories. The low-calorie number comes from adding artificial sweetener sucralose. Also just like any other regular soda, SodaStream also contains harmful chemicals and preservatives. These chemicals have been shown to cause cancer in both human beings and many animals. Most of these chemicals are contained in the flavors that are used to make SodaStream. An exceptional example is the caramel coloring that is used in the SodaStream Colas. There have been animal studies that have shown this chemical can cause cancer to people.

There are also other flavors of the SodaStream brand such as the diet pink grapefruit that may sound healthy to you but are they really healthy? These flavors use food dyes that also have their adverse effects on your health. They are known to cause hyperactivity in a person, especially in children. The overconsumption of sugar is what leads to health risks and weight gain in America. If SodaStream is using regular sugar for its manufacture, it is still unhealthy because you are likely to drink more than one bottle. This is because SodaStream comes in small sized bottles and one tends to drink more of it. For instance, one bottle of SodaStream has 35 calories while for a Coke it is 100 calories. However, you will only drink one bottle of coke and get satisfied, but for SodaStream, you will drink more bottles to get satisfied.

When you do the math, SodaStream is not really as healthy as people presume it to be. It is still a soft drink with chemicals, preservatives and excess sugars that are not needed in the body. The only way that SodaStream can be healthy is if you cut down the amount that you take daily. This way you are consuming less sugar but it is still sugar, and it will have an impact on your body regardless. However, the serving size plays a huge role in determining the health status of the drink.

SodaStream for healthy living

According to a SodaStream research website, for individuals that want to lose weight buts still love some soda, SodaStream can be a great way to still enjoy soda and maintain a healthy lifestyle. When using SodaStream skip the use of sugar, artificial flavors and dye as they are all harmful in your body. Instead, get creative by creating your soda that is healthy and sugar-free. You can create your homemade syrups that are 100% organic and chemical free, for example, making a fresh ginger syrup to add to your SodaStream to make some fresh ginger ale. The same can be done using lemons to make lemonade and other syrups that you may think of. There are a number of cookbooks on the internet that can guide you on how to make the best soda syrups at home for your personal use.

It is still important to remember that soda in all form whether made at home or in a factory is still sugar water. However, you can still make it worth the investment by purchasing and making flavors that are more natural and not using additives that are provided. SodaStream is a great way to start as it provides you with more options on how to personalize your options and make them more towards your taste.


SodaStream is therefore not a healthier option as compared to other sodas because it is still soda. Sugar water is never good for your health, and it will never be at any time; therefore a lot of caution needs to be taken.