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10 amazing dishes you must try in Denmark

No matter where you are, every place has its special cuisine that can’t be found anywhere else. And, if you’re saying me that you can find Danish cuisine in Japan, then let me tell you, yes you can surely find it but the taste and variety will matter a lot. So when in Denmark, why not try their amazing dishes. 

Since most of the Danish people rely on måltidskasser for their daily needs, they still have some amazing dishes. Let’s get to know what these dishes are and why they’re worth trying. 

  • Smorrebrod: Usually eaten with a Rugbrod, Smorrebrod are open-faced sandwich which is a popular lunch item in most of the Nordic countries including Denmark. Depending on what you like, you can top Smorrebrod with shrimp or raw herring or hard-boiled eggs or meat or vegetables. They surely deserve to be on the 1st on our list. 
  • Hot Dogs/Sausages: Well, hot dogs and sausages can be found anywhere in the world, but none like Danish hot dog. You will hate eating hot dogs anywhere else once you eat hot dogs with sausages in Denmark. Head towards organic hotdog stand located on Round Tower. You can easily find vegetables as well as non-veg hot dogs. Depending on what you like you can choose between bread and healthy mashed roots. If you love trying new types of meats then the medister sausage is a must-try. It contains pig intestines stuffed with pork and spices. Additionally, you can eat it with brown sauce and beetroot to further enhance its taste. 

  • Fried Pork with Parsley Sauce and Potatoes: This is by far my favorite product to eat in Denmark. In fact, this is Denmark’s national dish. No matter where you are in Denmark, you can easily find fried pork with parsley sauce and potatoes. If you must know then, pieces of pork are marinated with special spices and salt and pepper before they’re fried. If you’re a fitness freak, then this could be the best cheat meal you ever had, packed with protein and delicious taste. 

  • Asparagus: I’m sure you have eaten asparagus, but none like what you can find in Denmark. The most popular asparagus in and around Denmark is the white and green one which are grown there. But remember, their season lasts only three weeks, which means you must go to Denmark in the asparagus season to enjoy the real asparagus. Just like other dishes in Denmark, you can eat asparagus as you like which means you can either eat asparagus with butter and salt and bake them in oven with regular vegetables or you can ask them to wrap them in bacon and grill them. 

  • Christmas Duck: This is yet another famous Danish dish. However, it is only available during Christmas. You can eat a roast duck with potatoes. Too yummy. 
  • Shellfish: Since Denmark is surrounded by the sea, seafood is too famous there. Crab claws and Norway lobster tails are the most famous shellfish in Denmark. However, you can also try other kinds of seafood such as herring and fiskefrikadeller. 
  • Danish Pork Roast: This is also on my favorite list. Also known as flaeskesteg, Danish pork roast is served with red cabbage and potatoes with gravy. If you’re in Denmark and love pork, this is a must-try. 
  • Stegt Flaesk: If you ask Danish people their favorite dish, you’ll find most of them saying stegt flaesk. Just like Danish pork roast, this is also a slice of pork. It is basically a fried pork belly that is served with parsley sauce. Make sure you go with an empty stomach as this is really heavy. 
  • Wienerbrod:  Also known as Danish Pastry, this is one of the most delicious snacks you will ever eat in Denmark. Made with laminated yeast dough, it tastes sweet and is topped with sugar and creamed butter. 
  •  Morbradboffer: Usually served with blode log, morbradboffer is a unique and special way to cook onions. This is a must try food in Denmark, since you could rarely find it outside of Denmark. 


As I said before, trying special foods in an area is much better than trying it in any other area. Moreover, this will give you a lifetime memorable experience. So while you’re in Denmark, don’t forget to try these things. Do you have any other dish in your mind? Let us know.