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Optimal Performance: The 5 Best Foods for Runners

A good workout and a healthy run will depend on much more than just your skill and gear. The fact is that what you choose to put into your body will definitely affect your performance. Not all food is good for everyone, however, so take all of these tips with a grain of salt. Of course, if you are allergic to any of these food groups, avoid them altogether. 

That said, here are the best foods for runners that will guarantee optimal performance and excellent results. 

Your best friend – banana

Bananas are an excellent source of natural carbs. As such, it is the perfect energy-boost for runners. Aside from carbs, bananas are full of potassium which is excellent for those of you who enjoy long-distance runs. When you sweat a lot, you lose plenty of this valuable electrolyte. So, if you treat your body to a potassium-rich food prior to your exercise, you will ensure that your body stays in perfect balance. Aside from that, bananas have a positive effect on our digestive systems which is yet another thing you will benefit from. 

New favorite breakfast – oats

Oats are not everyone’s favorite, taste-wise, but they do offer a great base for numerous healthy meals. No matter if you choose to have them for breakfast or you prefer them in the form of an energy bar, oats are very important food for runners. Not only will oats provide you with plenty of carbs, but they are also rich in fiber. So, browse the internet and find more resources here on how you can include them in your weekly meal plan.

Peanut butter – for healthy cholesterol

PB&J is most people’s favorite snack. However, here we are just talking about PB without the J. Peanut butter is an excellent source of vitamin E which is definitely one of the best antioxidant vitamins there is. But make sure that you go for all organic, additive-free peanut butter. Regular, store-bought peanut butters are full of various additives and sugar, which is certainly not something a healthy athlete needs. If you can’t find pure peanut butter anywhere, you should instead make your own. 

Dark chocolate – for more than just your soul

Let’s face it – who doesn’t like chocolate? However, those who are trying to stay healthy and active should really refrain from consuming this sugar-rich sweet. Instead, they should opt for a more sophisticated version of this food which is dark chocolate. Choose the one that contains at least 70% pure cacao and let it feed your soul. If you take just 2 or 3 squares and combine it with a handful of nuts, you can enjoy the flavorful explosion that will happen in your mouth. Not only is this one of the healthiest sweets out there, but it will also lift your mood.

The queen herself – coffee

Finally, no matter how healthily people try to lead their lives, real coffee lovers just can’t seem to ditch this nectar of the gods. And the good news is that they don’t have to! But, instead of going for a venti vanilla latte with three pumps of sweetener, you should choose plain black coffee. The caffeine from the coffee will give you the necessary energy boost. However, avoid putting any sugar or milk in your coffee as they can hinder your potential weight loss, as well as your overall performance.

The list of healthy foods for runners can keep going on. But these are some of the favorite types of food that have undeniable positive effects on all athletes. So, the next time you don’t quite know what to eat, give some of these a try – if you haven’t already.