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Progressive International PL8-1000, White PL8 Mandoline Slicer review

We have designed and made this Mandoline Slicer to provide permanent solutions to your cooking issues and to contribute to a healthier cooking style while ensuring the product is pocket-friendly. Entertain your friends, family, and loved one by cooking a wide variety of recipes with this product. Explore this slicer to cut vegetables, and fruits in your kitchen, which is the heart of your home. 

  • Excellent Design

Our professional mandoline slicer is designed to be simple, safe and strong. It can work perfectly for delicate julienne carrots, delicious gratins. It is a kitchen utensil that every household must-have. You can change between the built-in slicing and waffle blades by using the blade adjustment knob. You can cut waffle in a quick turn of your wrist. 

  • Safety 

The machine’s blades can be adjusted by using the adjustment knob to cut vegetables to a size as small as Paper Thin size of 1.0mm or as thick as 7.5mm depending on the size you want to cut your waffle too. 

Wide range of use: you can use this product blade to slice fruits and vegetables such as carrots, onions, salads, potato, and many more to a precise size.

  • Easy to use

It gives you a comfortable and efficient cut by sliding your fruits and vegetables over its blade. After usage, you should either rinse the mandolin under running water or clean in a dishwasher to avoid the risk of sliding your finger over its blade. Never clean the Mandoline with a sponge or dry with a towel to prevent cutting. 

  • Smart and Compact 

We design Mandoline and Nut Grinder with high-quality stainless steel to prevent corrosion. It can withstand the test of time. The equipment is smart and can be easily stored in a small portion within your kitchen.


I bought this item last year, it has been working perfectly well. I can cut vegetables, onion, and carrot with a quick turn of my wrist over its stainless steel blades. The blade can easily slice waffle and gratins. I can easily clean the equipment by running water over it. For extra protection, I use the handguard to protect my fingers and hands from any harm. 

It is easy to use by adjusting it blades depth through the adjustment knob. It is safe to use because it has a blade at the lower portion of the mandolin, and a guard that provides strong support for the device when in use. I have sent older cutters and glitters to the bin because of the comfort I derived from this equipment. I don’t regret buying this mandoline. It worths its price. A great mandolin for comfort cooking!