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Is the Ninja Bl660 Blender Any Good?

When we are trying to buy a blender, we want something durable and long-lasting. You want your blender to make your life easy and do all the good stuff you want from a blender. A blender is not a food processor but something that can work as a food processor that’s just vanilla ice-cream with a cherry on the top.

If you are researching blenders, then you may have heard about the Ninja Blenders. Ninja is a company that makes ovens, blenders, and other kitchen helping tools. But they are primarily known for their blenders. Here is a review about the Ninja Blenders and one of the most popular products from them, Ninja BL660 Blender. 

Is Ninja a good blender brand?

The Ninja Blender manufacturer SharkNinja LLC started in 1998. But within a short time, they expanded over the world. They have production industries in 8 different countries and offer the customer over 150 products. They earn a lot of reputation in quick time, especially with their blenders. 

Ninja produces very affordable blenders with cutting-edge technology. Their products are highly durable yet pocket-friendly, and they can serve as a daily kitchen tool for the home. Most of the Ninja Blender are made of plastic material, but they are very sturdy. That makes these blenders a go-to product. And the highly powerful motor and wide range of accessories, stainless blades, jar capacity, and cleaning convenience always manage to satisfy the customers. 

One of the things we like about the Ninja Blenders they come for all types of users. The countertop blenders are for larger family kitchens. You need to keep them in specific kitchen space and use them whenever you need them. Because it is a lot of extra work to take out and repack the items every time. The personal and handheld blenders are go-to items for the personal convenience of the gym members. 

And adding the icing with Basic type to dedicated Ninja Chef blenders, The Ninja is one of the recommended blender brands.

Is the Ninja Bl660 Blender any good?

Ninja BL660 blender is one of the professional blenders from Ninja that is getting some popularity in the market. The blender has a very sleek but classical design. Instead of setting the blades in the pitcher, the BL660 integrates blades on the lid. And the powerful motor can crush ice cubes like breadcrumbs.


9x12x16.4 inches in size and 10.8 pounds in weight.


Ninja BL660 is a versatile blender. The larget 72oz lid lets you use it as a countertop blender for family entertainment. And the smaller 16oz cups with seal caps, so make a smoothie and carry it to the gym. 

Smoothies: With the 72oz jar, you can make a decent amount of smoothies for the whole family. The blender can make great smoothies from softer fruits or boiled veggies. But the raw and green smoothies have an 85% liquid and have a raw texture.

According to some customers, the smaller cups can make better smoothies than the large jar.

Cruising Ice: The powerful 1100 watts motor can crush ice and frozen dessert with ease. No need to adjust manually.

Nut Butter: Not the best in making nut butter, but it can manage a decent type. The blender lacks the pushing capability to make nut butter better, but soaking the nuts can impressively improve the result.

Puree: The blender couldn’t satisfy us with the raw vegetable puree. But the soft veggies and boiled veggies come out fine, not chunky like raw ones.

Grinding: Both the large and single cups can grind very fine. You can put anything like coffee, herbs, or chopped nuts and get good ground foods. 

Operating and Cleaning

Motor Power: The powerful 1100 watts motor can deliver the strength you expect from a blender. It is made out of aluminum and plastic. The motor has some locking caps to fix it on the container. As the motor heats up while using the rubbery plastic melts and wears out within a year or two. 

Speed Settings: The blender has one pulse button and 3 different speed settings. The pulse button works better on the single cups and needs to be pressed while blending. But the other 3 buttons have the switch on and off options. 

Blades: You will get sharp stainless steel blades on the Ninja BL660. The 72oz container has a unique set of blades. 3 sets of blades with 2 long wings. The blades come from the top to the bottom of the jar. These are very sharp, so be careful while handling them. To make it easy for users, the blades are removable to clean. 

Noise: As the blender has an immersive 1100 watts power motor, so the noise is expected. The noise is loud but not cracking. 

Set Includes

The machine comes with the base and the Jars: one large 72oz and one single 16oz cup. It lacks the recipe book, but you can get recipes from the Ninja blender website. 

Warranty and Service

The Ninja Bl660 comes with a 1-year limited warranty. That means the customer can replace anything and everything. Yet if the product goes to the company with a scratch, the customer has to pay 20 dollars.

Pros and Cons

Pros: One multi-purpose blender with powerful blades.

       Works for both personal and family use.

       Super crushing power to blend from ice to even coffee

       Sleek and Stylish design.

Cons: Not a long-lasting product.

        Blending is not perfect.

        Not the best blender for green smoothies. 

Final word

The Ninja is an emerging blender brand compared to Vitamax or Blendtec. The company is giving the users to enjoy state of the art technology at an affordable price. Also, the customer support from the company is excellent.

If you want to get a powerful, versatile blender, we definitely recommend Ninja BL660. Also, you can check their other models. In the same price tag, you can get some other alternatives as well. The problem with this blender may not last a long life. but if you like a trendy and sleek blender, it is a good choice.