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Say Yes to Yummy with Hemp Seeds

As far as the seed and nut world revolves, hemp seeds are a straight takeaway. It is like a student captain of the basketball team. Hemp is one of the healthiest plants on Mother Earth. It has a natural resistance to pests, which means that it’s making doesn’t require harmful pesticides. YYou’ll find a surprise when I say that a few spoonful of hemp seeds bring about an abundance of health benefits- all thanks to their high nutritional content. And these benefits are not only for humans but animals can also enjoy them, like; Hemp dog treats are really beneficial for your furry friend.

Another benefit that makes hemp seeds a preferable choice is that they are easy to cook and eat. The pleasantly nutty taste lies somewhere between the delicious taste of pine nuts and sunflower seed. Now that you’re thinking of adding these seeds to your food, one thing that seems to worry you is whether they’ll make you high or not. Well, attain a sigh of relief because these little seeds would not make you remotely high. If you still are confused if hemp seeds consumption makes you high, reading on will help you add the joy of good taste to your food. 

Hemp seeds and Hemp Food- an explicit association?

Although hemp and marijuana belong to the same family- Cannabis sativa, they associate with different plant varieties. The varieties of hemp food are over thousands in numbers, which primarily have their existence in foods. Note that all these contain over 0.001 percent of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)- one of the main ingredients of marijuana. The figure this means that you can eat as much as Hemp without having to worry about its reputation of making you high. You can buy the famous hemp seeds at a health food store or grocery store across your State. 

You seem to be impressed with hemp seeds and surely can’t wait to include the same in your tasty food recipes. Well, if that’s the case, then read on to take a delicious delight in every bite with some recipes. 

Chase the Good Food with Best Ever Hemp Recipes:

I love hemp so much that here I bring along a great list of some mouth-watering recipes that use hemp seed, hemp powder, hemp protein, or hemp oil. You’ll find hemp seeds in breakfasts, drinks, spreads, and meals. Buckle up for some creative yet nutritional recipes:

  • Strawberry Coconut and Lime Smoothie:

It is by far the easiest hemp seeds recipe because all you need to do is throw them into your smoothie. The creamy strawberry version has features of cashews so that they add protein to your drink. Another best thing is the blend of line and coconut for a tropical flair. 

  • Wellness Twin marcella:

You can enjoy this recipe by adding it to your cauliflower and mashed potato. Also, salad dresses the same in lemon, honey, garlic, and olive oil. The Marcella works well in smoothies, homemade granola, and oatmeal. 

  • Hemp seed banana muffins:

The muffins are a result of coconut oil, whole grain flour, and coconut sugar. The muffins are a perfect way to kickstart your day with taste and nutrition.

Chase the New Flavor

Zucchini Pasta with Hemp Seed Alfredo Sauce, HungryRunner, Kaipade are some other recipes that should be on your meal-list. Note that hemp seeds are a great source of proteins and work in boosting your health to unexceptional levels. All you’ve to do is keep a check on the hemp seeds quantity and wish your guests Bon appétit!