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The Health Benefits of Drinking Mushroom Tea

If you are someone who is a big time fan of trendy tea’s like the matcha tea, the golden milk tea, and charcoal tea etc then you are at the right place, reading the right article. Today we are here with another addition to the “trendy teas” list that will not only be a treat for your taste buds, in fact, it will also help you relax your brain and your body. Yes, you read it right, and this really effective tea is none other than the mushroom tea.

Mushroom tea is trending at the moment and honestly, it will actually provide you with all the benefits it claims to. The best part is that just as the name indicates, this tea is made up of edible mushrooms and sometimes it’s an infusion of the medicinal mushrooms that hold properties that will relax your brain and bring your body a very soothing and warm effect.

Now, there are several types of mushroom teas available in the market, and you can easily get confused on what to buy and what not to buy so it’s better if you go to places like Alpas Superfoods so that you know that you are buying a quality product that suits your requirements.

You can also easily make your own mushroom tea at home by growing fresh raw materials with a spray and grow mushroom kit. It grows fast and is easy to set up, making it perfect for beginners. After harvesting the mushrooms, dry them, and you’ll have your own homemade mushroom tea.

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So, now if you are interested in the mushroom tea and if you want to know more about its benefits then here’s what you need to know;

1- It helps the brain

The infusion of medicinal mushrooms like Chaga, Lion’s mane and reishi etc can help our brain in ways that you cannot even imagine. The best part is that these mushrooms are world famous for warding off diseases and neuro disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s etc. So, yes, you can expect some big time results once you start drinking the mushroom tea. We are pretty sure of the fact that no matter what, this tea will actually help you with the function of your brain. You will start staying more active and your brain will have a clearer vision every single day.

2- It fights cancer

Now, almost all such teas help in fighting cancer but guess what? If you want to drink a tea with comes with 100% guaranteed results when it comes to fighting cancer then yes, mushroom tea is the one you need to try right now. This tea comes with bioactive compounds that basically help in altering the development of cancerous cells. In fact, right now certain compounds in the medicinal mushrooms are being studied and reports say that these compounds will actually be used in a way to fight cancer and even treat it.

3- It helps in the balancing of hormones

There’s this stress hormone in the body called cortisol which is the one to blame for all the high blood pressures and weight gain etc. Now, this is where mushroom tea comes in handy. This tea helps in balancing all the other hormones of your body and above everything, it also helps in reducing the production of cortisol. Also, there are some specific compounds in the medicinal mushrooms that help in the regulation of testosterone in the body. So, yes you can say that this tea can do wonders to you when it comes to balancing your hormones.


These are just a few of the benefits that we’ve mentioned and honestly, there is a lot more to this tea then you can imagine. If you’ve tried matcha tea or the golden milk tea then the mushroom tea is also a must try for you. It tastes good, it’s refreshing and let’s face it that you wouldn’t want to miss out on the benefits with which it comes.