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What is Hawawshi?

Hawawshi is a common dish from Egypt. It was made for the first time in 1971 by Ahmed al-Hawawsh, an Egyptian butcher. It’s widely prepared in Egyptian homes and a very popular choice as takeaway food. This dish is a pita (a type of flatbread) that is filled with ground beef and seasoned with pepper, onions, parsley and sometimes chilies. Cumin and paprika are also frequently used.

How is it made?


There are two variants of Hawawshi: “baladi” (standard) and Alexandrian. The standard one is made by stuffing the flat Egyptian bread with minced meat and then putting it in the oven. In the Alexandrian version, two round layers of doughs are used instead. The ingredients are placed between those layers and then baked. This variant also uses different spices.

This dish is very crispy, and the inside of the dough is soft and rich with juices and spices from the beef. It’s often halved or quartered and then served either hot or cold.

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