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Why Stand-Up Pouches are Trending in Food Packaging

You’re not imagining things…food packaging has been making a steady turn for the better in recent years. In 2020, this trend has really taken off with stand-up pouches over other more traditional forms of packaging. Represent your brand in the best light with stand-up pouches instead. Here are 7 reasons why your food brand should consider a switch to this form of packaging!

1. Keeps products fresher for longer

When you package with stand-up pouches, food stays fresher longer. There are puncture resistant materials that keep your food safe during transit and keep out contaminants. Plus, they feature tons of options for consumers like resealable zippers, degassing valves, and more to allow for better storage.

2. Sustainability and storage minimization

It’s no secret that box packaging takes up more space. With stand-up pouches, you reduce your storage needs while maximizing shelf space. In fact, this method of food packaging can use up to 75% less material than other packaging methods, which saves you in costs of production.

3. Options galore

Stand-up pouches don’t need to be clear and boring. They can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. You can have them designed with enclosures that serve as an added freshness measure for your customers like resealable zippers at the top or you can make a single-serving size have an easy-tear top.

4. Save money

If you want to increase your bottom line (and who doesn’t?), changing your packaging to stand-up pouches will reduce costs in the way of materials. Those printed cartons cost twice as much and rigid packaging is even more per unit. Making this simple switch boosts your profit.

5. More impact on shelves

Stand-up pouches allow your product to stand at attention on supermarket shelves, getting the attention of your target market. It’s far more noticeable than those lay-down bags or rigid containers. Plus, you can get more units on a shelf which is always a bonus.

6. Better environmental benefits

Using stand-up pouches uses up less material, water, and energy which creates fewer volatile compounds. Plus, the lighter weight and compact nature of stand-up pouches means fuel emissions will go down during transportation. There are options for recyclable or biodegradable stand-up pouches too which can benefit the environment even further.

7. Fantastic graphic potential

One of the most exciting things about packaging food in stand-up pouches is that flexographic printing can be employed to give vivid HD graphics to entice consumers. The ink control is more precise on this type of material and leads to more fluid and captivating designs that will pique consumer interest.

Change the way you package and help save the planet, boost your profit, and garner more affection from your target market. It’s a great choice for 2020 and beyond!