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The Best Way to Reheat Ribs

It’s not often you wind up with leftover ribs after a big backyard barbecue or party. But when you do, it’s time to relive the delight of tearing that savory meat off the bone with your teeth.

Unfortunately, ribs tend to dry out when you reheat them. Without proper moisture, you lose that flavor that made them so irresistible when you first cooked them. Knowing the proper technique, you can find the best way to reheat ribs so they still fall off the bone and the meat virtually melts in your mouth!

Here’s how to reheat ribs!

– Try the Oven

The oven will take longer but you can still make it work. You’ll want to preheat it to 300F and drench your ribs with BBQ sauce. Do a double layer of foil around your ribs so they’re completely covered and set them on a baking tray. Bake them for 20 to 30 minutes and then allow them to cool for about 5 minutes before you dig in.

– On the Grill

If you have time to fire up your grill, you might want to trot your tray of leftover ribs outdoors to reheat. This won’t be ideal for everyone though since you might be out of charcoal or gas, or it could be a weeknight when you don’t need the fuss of grilling.

Again, you’ll cover your leftover ribs with lots of BBQ sauce. Let the grill get up to medium heat and then spread your ribs in an even way across the surface. Cook each side until it sizzles, about 3 minutes per side. You should repeat this step until the ribs are fully cooked.

Basting the ribs as you reheat them on the grill will also keep them from drying out so make sure you have a brush handy!

– In the Microwave

This is our least favorite way of reheating ribs, but you can certainly do it in the microwave. Maybe you packed your leftover ribs to enjoy at lunch at the office so your day wouldn’t be totally awful. Maybe you’re the only one home for dinner and just need meat now. Whatever the case, you’ll want to put your leftover ribs in a microwave-safe container and coat them with BBQ sauce.

To avoid drying them out, use the medium heat setting. Microwave for 4 minutes first. If they’re not ready, give them another 3 minutes still on the medium setting. You may even need another coating of BBQ sauce to help it out.

And Now, The Best Way to Reheat Ribs

If you want those leftover ribs to truly taste like they did the first time you cooked them, you should get an electric smoker. It makes short and delicious work of reheating ribs with a nice smoky flavor, plus you can use it for so many other things. There are some super-simple models too that are as easy to operate as any other kitchen appliance. See more information here about electric smokers and make a winning play for your next cookout by getting one!